Why this cat’s owners fell from their chair

Why this cat’s owners fell from their chair

What can a cat make to make you burst into laughter? More than you think. For cat’s source of spontaneity in any routine situation is inexhaustible. What can be fun about snooze? About hiding? About getting into the house? Furry pets prove that you are far from trying all the variety of choices. So, see every day’s situations in cats accomplishment and try to keep serious!3

It seems that Winnie the Pooh had some similar trouble!


These two know pretty well how to get warm in cold winter days!


This kitten was for sure a hermit crab in his previous life!


Why drink downside up when you can make it upside down?


This cat must belong to a very hardworking owner!

cat standing

A pet? No, a butler!


Cat toilet

And what would you say in his place?




Yoga in a cat’s style. Don’t try this at home, if you’re not a cat!