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Top 10 Best-Paid Athletes 2016

Meet today best-paid athletes with their secrets to success, their private life moments, their achievement record and their nice families. They are the greatest from the greatest and they make

Jump to a gulf, taste your courage level

Hawaii is a fun place, on of the reasons is that you can jump from cliffs, showing unusual skills or just getting your bit of adrenaline! Lots of people share

What would be your face, if you left a barbell?

Weightlifters make great job, working their body out for years, without betraying their affair. And once they perform, they should look as good as models at a fashion show. Though

Archery, the forgotten and noble martial art

Lars Andersen has been not only practicing, but studying archery for ten years, making researches in numerous manuscripts and making conclusions, that were neglected so long. That is why he

To fish a lot, stay properly!

Fishing is an exciting sport activity, that also brings health, not harm. It unites people with nature, gives you time to concentrate, or to communicate in relaxed way, if you

Toys for severe guys look like this

In the streets, among common people there is a team  of guys who really differ. Their bikes are like their wings Рthey give those guys total freedom in space.