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Luxury on-board life, as a sea king would live

Who said that sailing is made only for tough and severe, viking-like men, ready to meat death any time of day and night? Today’s yachts offer an unbelievable range of

Let’s board with greatest pirates!

Wolves of the sea, they feel  on board more confidently, than on still ground. One eye, peg leg, parrot on shoulder, that’s their severe handsomeness. They know no mercy, and

What are the true names of Nemo cartoon fish?

Finding Nemo is a great cartoon, showing realistic movements of true existing fish. It’s exciting plot turns kids attention to sea life, uncovering for them its beauty and wonders. And

What helps you hold tight at the place that you like?

What’s more difficult to stop than a huge ship, sailing in open waters? And the thing that does it is really great. Its shape, dimensions and hardness were worked out

What do they feel in storm on their sailboat?

There severe people keep calm in the middle of heavy wind and weltering waves. They are sure about what they do, their sailboat obeys them as a little puppy and

What if you were on a ship in storm?

  Big waters posses enormous power. It is so strong, that even on the biggest ships your heart beats faster, and you strive for survival.  This video shows incomparable pictures

Water giants that can smash

Tremendous ships make you feel tiny and weak, helpless and insignificant. They enhance and strike with the dimensions of man made water crafts, of human dare.  They are hard to