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Top 5 Photography Hard

Today we are going to highlight some outstanding photographers of our days. Great photos do not appear from nowhere. Our admiration glance of a few seconds is indeed a result

Follow the caravan, that goes on.

Desert sands, inaccessible for any civilization means of transport, has for thousand of years been crossed by camel caravans, with their special rhythm, habbits, customs. They are the magic, fro

Perfectly timed comedies of situation

There’s a special genre of photography, well-timed photo. It values a special moment, that was caught “perfectly in time”, rather than the quality of the photo itself. Often these photos

A mindblowing flower!

These flowers are like bright lights in grass, they seem to warm as as mush as first sun rays, and give the feeling of childhood. For once you blow their

Food and wire give… a new story!

A creative mind will find its way in every situation, with every material, with any audience. Such a simple thing as food can be unexpectedly expressive, and a hungry eater

Why so many people are in love with ballet?

Ballet is a kind of magic, everyone who tries it feels inner beauty and becomes more beautiful physically. Exercises, that were worked out in centuries, serve for elongating body and

What mystery is hidden on the bottom of human eye?

Eyes are always a part of human beauty, the mirror of the personality, the most powerful source of our contact with the external world. Every color is beautiful, every shape

A very beautiful place that is hard to admire

A gifted photographer, Richard Silver, lightened for the audience the prettiness of church ceilings all around the world. They are enormously beautiful and distinguished, they were executed with a lot

Photos from the space

Scott Kelly, an astronaut who is currently on the orbit in the international space station, is sharing pictures of our wonderful planet, viewed from up there. The photos are so