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Let’s climb trees!

Tree branches is something about primary natural roots, they take away our worries, they invite us to touch, they are a welcome part of interior. For we desire to be

Cartoon characters for those who refuse real life

Some people enjoy watching cartoons in their free times, no matter what’s their age. Anime fans go further and make their portraits in anime style to transform rel life into

Your shoes can find another owner

Watch out where to leave your footwear, for once you can find out, that they are… occupied! Who are those footwear thefts, you can guess from this selection of photos!

A secret and well-known step to be irresistible

Dance is a well-known means of seduction, that seems less important in modern world of business and hi-tech. And yet, the one who dances gives way to the nature, to

A mystery hidden in old shoes

Old shoes are more than another unneeded thing to throw away! If they are really torn apart, leaking and pierced with plenty of holes, it means they shared many of

Photos that reflect emotions

A gifted Polish photographer with her special vision of this world turns in front of our eyes decrepit ruins into an admirable photo. You feel the spirit of abandoned places,

Hands as a magic bridge from one soul to another

Humankind possess a great strategy of bringing up its members in hard times. Helping hands are a symbol of readiness to help, of care and attention. Whatever the grief is,

Cat eye is a rainbow!

There is a photographer in Philadelphia, named Andrew Marttila, who loves animals so much that he keeps photographing them with passion and admiration, and that’s why his work is so

Depth as instrument in your hands

Depth of field is something that makes a photography enchanting, magic, it targets the view of the spectator on one object, making the rest of the world present, yet not

Photos that charge you with love

People in love become different. They sparkle and shine, they are charged with energy, with attention to everyone around. They blossom with smile. And they are capable only for good

When she occupies leading position, what changes in her?

When women occupy a leading position, they become a different person. You can easily recognize such a lady in the crowd. She has a different look, her movement have no

How hard it is to bring up a son?

There’s no such an important person for a boy, than his father. The person who is his future prototype, the one whose behavior he will take, the habits that will

Men look so natural doing this.

Wnen men begin upon sewing, they get involved and attracted by this process, and it often becomes their hobby. In times of practical arts, it was one of crafts told

Where got the audacious photographer to impress you?

What is the high point where you start to beware of the altitude? How high can you climb? Or does a huge space under your legs give you enormous pleasure

Don’t get into their nets!

People take their skills from nature, and knitting is not exception. The most apt and skillful tissue producers, and the oldest ones are… spiders! Admire their marvelous creations in every

Just your phone and some tricks for such photos

More and more people have their cameras in pockets, in form of mobile phones. And great shots is a thing of skills, for interesting subjects and objects are all around.

Selfy of the city

Well-known cities, trampled by crowds of tourists, have got a new photo session, this time from the high above.  This is the way birds see them, and thanks to the

Most advantageous positions for your photo

Here is a bed-side list of positions for posing in front of the camera. If you want your picture to be successful, just try one of those and you will