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A mystery hidden in old shoes

Old shoes are more than another unneeded thing to throw away! If they are really torn apart, leaking and pierced with plenty of holes, it means they shared many of

What is beautiful when it’s spoiled?

Photographers spot beauty in the most unexpected places. In the backyards, in abandoned rooms and garages, beneath old boats, bikes and cars. There, where human work was left without attention

Old-timers, go!

Old timers, go! Some have hundreds of thousands miles, others kilometers. Hundreds of men and freight. So many adventure and extreme, so much daily useful work. Your headlamps highlighted the

Wedding photos 40 years later

Dexter and Carolyn Johnson are a wonderful example of happy family life, but not only life is their merit, but also their idea unexpectedly became very popular. Once they decided

Not only young is pretty

Do you think that all that’s pretty is young? No way, and here’s the proof. Wrinkles and grey hair, spotted skin and tired eyes of these characters inspired talented painters