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Sky under the feet

Puddles are the mirrors of the sky. They shine like happy eyes watching attractive images, unable to look aside from eternal and permanently changing beauty of the heaven. They seem

Follow the caravan, that goes on.

Desert sands, inaccessible for any civilization means of transport, has for thousand of years been crossed by camel caravans, with their special rhythm, habbits, customs. They are the magic, fro

Let’s climb trees!

Tree branches is something about primary natural roots, they take away our worries, they invite us to touch, they are a welcome part of interior. For we desire to be

Chicks and kittens can be friends!

You won’t believe, but these two species, who are supposed to be predator and prey, can actually become friends and coexist in mere tranquility! Moreover, they can care about each

Enchanted places in nature where love emerges

There are some places that simply amaze us with beauty and make us unexpectedly happy, putting us into state of love. Towards people around, towards nature, towards light wind breath

Swan love of unique beauty

Pretty and royally gracious birds are an image of devoted and true love. The one that will last forever, the one that accepts any age, character, health change. The one

A mindblowing flower!

These flowers are like bright lights in grass, they seem to warm as as mush as first sun rays, and give the feeling of childhood. For once you blow their

Depth as instrument in your hands

Depth of field is something that makes a photography enchanting, magic, it targets the view of the spectator on one object, making the rest of the world present, yet not

A pet that will make your heart melt

This touching video shows how open, tender and curious can be a couple of ducks who live with loving and careful owner for whom they really matter. Sometimes they seem

How would you like living African wild life?

This is an amazing visit to South African animal reservation, where big predators communicate closely with humans, some maintain really friendly relations and feel loved and taken care of. This

True magic world, that is too small to admire it

Invention of the microscope let us look into a totally new kingdom, where we would never penetrate otherwise. It is amazing, unexpected, not as we suppose it to be, and

The land of castles and mountains, where fairy tales begin

Picturesque and rocky, covered with green moss, hiding inaccessible castles and twisting mountain ways, Scotland is a place for soul and eyes. You will not care about the weather or

Swimming with white and fluffy danger

This animal is considered wilds, unfriendly and dangerous for humans. Its size makes it much stronger, than any of us, and its natural bad temper allows us to observe it

Where is the source of life?

Life has always concentrated where water source was powerful and clean. Water has always been the biggest treasure of humans, for it is absolutely necessary and irreplaceable. That is why

Why do they all look up at the sky?

In cities people often forget to raise their eyes to the sky and simply admire their beauty. Yet, there is an event that we can not miss, that we always

What are the true names of Nemo cartoon fish?

Finding Nemo is a great cartoon, showing realistic movements of true existing fish. It’s exciting plot turns kids attention to sea life, uncovering for them its beauty and wonders. And

Where stay Santa’s deer all the year round

Deer are so tender and airy-fairy, they are symbols of the forest, of nature and changing seasons with their changing horns. Meeting a deer in wild nature is a rare

To fish a lot, stay properly!

Fishing is an exciting sport activity, that also brings health, not harm. It unites people with nature, gives you time to concentrate, or to communicate in relaxed way, if you

Can animals be friend?

Some moments in animals relations are so touching that you ask yourself if humans are capable of such beautiful doings. What this video shows is a mere kindness, no instinct,

What is the house you dream about from childhood?

There’s a special place where you enjoy being alone, along with your unique dreams and troubles. This happy escape is to be shared only with closest friends. What would be

Where got the audacious photographer to impress you?

What is the high point where you start to beware of the altitude? How high can you climb? Or does a huge space under your legs give you enormous pleasure

What do they feel in storm on their sailboat?

There severe people keep calm in the middle of heavy wind and weltering waves. They are sure about what they do, their sailboat obeys them as a little puppy and

Have you heard of these horse breeds?

Russian Don horse. They come from the mix of steppe nomad horses. In ancient times, they could be Nogai horses from Mongolia, Karabagh, Turkmen and Persian Arabs. American Saddle Horse.

How animals carry their treasure?

Animals have mush more developed instincts, and they often have the solution how to do, and it turns out the most suitable one. And they have the answer for a