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Have you heard of these horse breeds?

Russian Don horse. They come from the mix of steppe nomad horses. In ancient times, they could be Nogai horses from Mongolia, Karabagh, Turkmen and Persian Arabs. American Saddle Horse.

What is the most noble pet ever?

1. Real nobility, the grandeur of character is a distinctive streak of Iberian horses. 2. Barb horses. Stallion named Roan, of Barb breed, belonged to Richard, the II(1367-1400), the King

Can cat be friend of a horse?

Imagine, yes! They turn out to be old friends, a they feel great in each other’s company! They play, horses give cats a ride and accept their presence willingly. Moreover,

9 Amazing Horses in Snow

Horses are special, everyone can feel it. They attract us not less than burning fire, we believe in their miracle, in their eagerness for freedom and for the insane rush