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Why shouldn’t guys try some Irish dances?

There’s a gand of funny guys who are curious about everything and try to test and taste it. All sorts of activities get under their attention, and this time they

Cartoon characters for those who refuse real life

Some people enjoy watching cartoons in their free times, no matter what’s their age. Anime fans go further and make their portraits in anime style to transform rel life into

Your shoes can find another owner

Watch out where to leave your footwear, for once you can find out, that they are… occupied! Who are those footwear thefts, you can guess from this selection of photos!

Perfectly timed comedies of situation

There’s a special genre of photography, well-timed photo. It values a special moment, that was caught “perfectly in time”, rather than the quality of the photo itself. Often these photos

Jump to a gulf, taste your courage level

Hawaii is a fun place, on of the reasons is that you can jump from cliffs, showing unusual skills or just getting your bit of adrenaline! Lots of people share

Chicks and kittens can be friends!

You won’t believe, but these two species, who are supposed to be predator and prey, can actually become friends and coexist in mere tranquility! Moreover, they can care about each

You won’t believe owls can do that!

This video shows an unbelievable owl, whose facial and feather expressions are bright than at humans, sometimes. It is mere fun, for faces to danger it turns into new creatures,

Want some chemistry? Take Coca-cola!

A creative team will show you how to transform a bottle of well-known beverage into scientific research and make a lot of fun with friends! The experiments are easy to

What would be your face, if you left a barbell?

Weightlifters make great job, working their body out for years, without betraying their affair. And once they perform, they should look as good as models at a fashion show. Though

Babies and ice-cream is an explosive mix!

Ice is something kids can make everything for. Yummy pleasure attracts them so much that they become too natural and … funny! And it is so baby-style to fall asleep

Food and wire give… a new story!

A creative mind will find its way in every situation, with every material, with any audience. Such a simple thing as food can be unexpectedly expressive, and a hungry eater

Comic babies look at you from everywhere

Small kids often invent thing that make us burst into laughter. They can create much more funny events, for in their discovery of the world, they see no limits. And

When the swing is free, you will not miss it!

A kid or a grown up, you love balancing on swing, for it is a special state of body in space, something like gravity free. It is also a special

Kids toys, that adult men like as much

When dads join kids games, they can easily forget they are not kids age! This mindlessness gave way to a real battle, with all sorts of toys and a bit

Can you make your feet smile?

Sometimes, such a simple element of clothes can turn your day to a good side, show everyone that you are positive, and even be reason for good new acquaintance. Everyone

When Car giants have an add fight

Car giants, BMW and Audi, are engaged into an animated add war, that starts back in 2003. First gage was made by BMW to Mercedes, showing hungry cheetah  BMW X5

Cat-friend and Dog-friend

This is a bright acting of cat and dog pets treating their master. The actors did pretty funny staff, for they came quite close to the reality.

Stroller for Batman

When father is a Batman fan, the kid will help him follow his dreams! Super-fan Builds team has created this stroller for a really devoted dad. The team pretends to

Their faces are happy and disgusted in the same time!

What is your feeling when a dog licks your face? You feel how devoted and friendly the animal is to you. And in the same time… it’s a bit too

Fulfill the picture

Palmer Freeman, the inventor of virtual reality helmet, was pre-published for the cover of the magazine in an unusual position. The audience was proposed to accomplish the image according to

What animal will give you a ride?

Here are a few images of piggyback riders that are simply unbelievable. Animals can be as lazy as we are. And in their desire not to move they are capable

First lemon faces

First lemon is not less important in person’s life than the first cake. It is a sort of initiation, showing future adults, that life is not always a lollypop. And

Disney tales today

A talented group of actors performed well-known episodes from good old Disney cartoons and they got fresh and captivating for the audience once again. Will you recognize your childhood heroes?

Winner formula for Tic Tac Toe

If you ever have trouble to become an absolute champion in Tic Tac Toe, here’s a detailed scheme for you to understand the whole process and every possible outcome. Luckily