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A mystery hidden in old shoes

Old shoes are more than another unneeded thing to throw away! If they are really torn apart, leaking and pierced with plenty of holes, it means they shared many of

Hairless styles that look gorgeous

Women are used to their hair as to an instrument of beauty, that, if taken good care of, can be also a powerful instrument of seduction. Still their absence can

Can you make your feet smile?

Sometimes, such a simple element of clothes can turn your day to a good side, show everyone that you are positive, and even be reason for good new acquaintance. Everyone

What mystery is hidden on the bottom of human eye?

Eyes are always a part of human beauty, the mirror of the personality, the most powerful source of our contact with the external world. Every color is beautiful, every shape

Dream shoes for every kid

What is the best pair of shoes you have worn in your life, or dreamed about having? Your recollections will surely take you to the past, to the times of

Make a transformation over you

When a person follows his dream, and turns passion into profession, he is doomed to success. Christopher Agostino fell in love with face and body painting, and he stays in

1949 Bras

60 years ago, such a ridiculous piece of cloth appeared to provide women with perfect suntan. The bras fixed gently on the breast, giving no restriction to movement. The invention