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Jump to a gulf, taste your courage level

Hawaii is a fun place, on of the reasons is that you can jump from cliffs, showing unusual skills or just getting your bit of adrenaline! Lots of people share

Parking of a boat as an art

Can you park? Can you park your car as a master? See a virtuoso park an enormous long boat into the port as narrow as you wouldn’t believe it! A

Let’s board with greatest pirates!

Wolves of the sea, they feel  on board more confidently, than on still ground. One eye, peg leg, parrot on shoulder, that’s their severe handsomeness. They know no mercy, and

What helps you hold tight at the place that you like?

What’s more difficult to stop than a huge ship, sailing in open waters? And the thing that does it is really great. Its shape, dimensions and hardness were worked out

Toys for severe guys look like this

In the streets, among common people there is a team  of guys who really differ. Their bikes are like their wings – they give those guys total freedom in space.

What do they feel in storm on their sailboat?

There severe people keep calm in the middle of heavy wind and weltering waves. They are sure about what they do, their sailboat obeys them as a little puppy and

A car for a real driver

Tires melt, flames come out of the tailpipe, handbrake is skidding the car – here are a few of this rush intensity video moments from the desperados of Red Bull

Strollers you never had when children

Give a dog a good name… Toddler Shumachers master their race cars from early age. Their dads take much pleasure in taking their babes to a joyride! BMW made up

Are you really brave? Can you do that?

What is the thing that you will never do in your life? Not for love or money? Well, these guys are likely to find such a thing and simply fulfill