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Luxury on-board life, as a sea king would live

Who said that sailing is made only for tough and severe, viking-like men, ready to meat death any time of day and night? Today’s yachts offer an unbelievable range of

Can you imagine a chair that you will not want to leave?

Designers came up with a new idea of furniture, that seems necessary in today’s hard times of full-time jobs plus extra hours. It is a nap chair, a convenient match

Where lead the most famous stairs of the world?

Staircases are the curved and pretty ways to unknown, they serve for a foretaste of event, of a meeting, of an architectural or panoramic discovery. They attract and enchant. And

What are the most beautiful clocks?

Measuring time was a very important aspect of human life, clock are often put on the most beautiful buildings of cities, chronometers were considered objects of luxury, they have always

What is the house you dream about from childhood?

There’s a special place where you enjoy being alone, along with your unique dreams and troubles. This happy escape is to be shared only with closest friends. What would be

What is beautiful when it’s spoiled?

Photographers spot beauty in the most unexpected places. In the backyards, in abandoned rooms and garages, beneath old boats, bikes and cars. There, where human work was left without attention

Follow this way to your endless inelligence

On huge endless shelves stay rays of the books, on different subjects and for various tastes. When you go along, sliding with your  look over the backs of the books,