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Cartoon characters for those who refuse real life

Some people enjoy watching cartoons in their free times, no matter what’s their age. Anime fans go further and make their portraits in anime style to transform rel life into

Severe romance of dock workers

Severe men, with rusty iron muscles, that make the docks function. They are like metal parts of clock mechanism, unlikely to betray. There’s no friendship more reliable, there’s no team

What pictures of Buddha drew inspired artists?

A prince i blood and a prince in spirit, this great character is still of big importance to the humanity. And his portraits serve as endorsement of  his statements, calling

Letters from the past will tell about the future

Ancient Egyptians left us a lot of mysteries, and their messages from the past have still not been totally decoded. In those distant times, inscriptions were much more similar to

Comics diary, XXI century innovation

Sarah Andersen, a 23-years old illustrator, is also publishing her diary in a form of comics strip. It is so sincere and fun, that lots of people have become her

Legendary turtle, the one who holds us all

Old-time legend about a turtle holding the Earth is groundless and played-out, and yet, as all the myths, it is beautiful and mysterious. For, probably not that namely, but there’s

The highest, the hottest, the richest

This city appeared from the sandy desert in record-breaking times, and became one of the most contemporary megalopolises of glass and steel. There, the majority of local population is wealthy,

Men look so natural doing this.

Wnen men begin upon sewing, they get involved and attracted by this process, and it often becomes their hobby. In times of practical arts, it was one of crafts told

A very beautiful place that is hard to admire

A gifted photographer, Richard Silver, lightened for the audience the prettiness of church ceilings all around the world. They are enormously beautiful and distinguished, they were executed with a lot

What stories can your hands tell?

This shadow theater video will prove you there’s nothing you can’t tell with your hands, no story or fairy tale!  It is as captivating, as a real cartoon, and the

Where got the audacious photographer to impress you?

What is the high point where you start to beware of the altitude? How high can you climb? Or does a huge space under your legs give you enormous pleasure

How animals carry their treasure?

Animals have mush more developed instincts, and they often have the solution how to do, and it turns out the most suitable one. And they have the answer for a

If women were musical instruments

What are the successful photos of women with musical instruments? Guitar shape was inspired by female curves, and it’s no wonder that women look great on photos with guitars. This

Follow this way to your endless inelligence

On huge endless shelves stay rays of the books, on different subjects and for various tastes. When you go along, sliding with your  look over the backs of the books,

Old cars that are old friends

Here’s a riddle for you. Guess what is the country and well-known city for the retro cars? And , what’s the most interesting, they are all on the move, at

Art from…sushi!

Yummy things can be also pretty and amazing ones. Have a look at several tasty masterpieces that will attract every single child and  adult! Such sushi will never be left

What castle will be good for you?

Middle ages are sometimes called dark ages. Yet, Middle ages could be called as well the times of romantic. Princes and princesses, knights and their ladyloves. They were filled with