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Sky under the feet

Puddles are the mirrors of the sky. They shine like happy eyes watching attractive images, unable to look aside from eternal and permanently changing beauty of the heaven. They seem

Photos that reflect emotions

A gifted Polish photographer with her special vision of this world turns in front of our eyes decrepit ruins into an admirable photo. You feel the spirit of abandoned places,

Enchanted places in nature where love emerges

There are some places that simply amaze us with beauty and make us unexpectedly happy, putting us into state of love. Towards people around, towards nature, towards light wind breath

Swan love of unique beauty

Pretty and royally gracious birds are an image of devoted and true love. The one that will last forever, the one that accepts any age, character, health change. The one

A mindblowing flower!

These flowers are like bright lights in grass, they seem to warm as as mush as first sun rays, and give the feeling of childhood. For once you blow their

Hairless styles that look gorgeous

Women are used to their hair as to an instrument of beauty, that, if taken good care of, can be also a powerful instrument of seduction. Still their absence can

Where is the source of life?

Life has always concentrated where water source was powerful and clean. Water has always been the biggest treasure of humans, for it is absolutely necessary and irreplaceable. That is why

Where lead the most famous stairs of the world?

Staircases are the curved and pretty ways to unknown, they serve for a foretaste of event, of a meeting, of an architectural or panoramic discovery. They attract and enchant. And

Why so many people are in love with ballet?

Ballet is a kind of magic, everyone who tries it feels inner beauty and becomes more beautiful physically. Exercises, that were worked out in centuries, serve for elongating body and

What mystery is hidden on the bottom of human eye?

Eyes are always a part of human beauty, the mirror of the personality, the most powerful source of our contact with the external world. Every color is beautiful, every shape

Dream shoes for every kid

What is the best pair of shoes you have worn in your life, or dreamed about having? Your recollections will surely take you to the past, to the times of

If women were musical instruments

What are the successful photos of women with musical instruments? Guitar shape was inspired by female curves, and it’s no wonder that women look great on photos with guitars. This

Prettiest from the flowers

Wild flowers are the soul of the planet. They are not tamed for a man’s tastes and purposes. Their survival rate is high, their attraction id rough and insolent. They

Don’t get into their nets!

People take their skills from nature, and knitting is not exception. The most apt and skillful tissue producers, and the oldest ones are… spiders! Admire their marvelous creations in every

1949 Bras

60 years ago, such a ridiculous piece of cloth appeared to provide women with perfect suntan. The bras fixed gently on the breast, giving no restriction to movement. The invention

Flying flowers story

Beautiful flowers grew in an old garden. Year after year they blossomed, filling the outskirts with their fragrance. And only one sad thing turned their lives blue. No body saw

Don’t get burn looking here!

What can make a woman burn like fire in the middle of the street, attracting every look, without applying any make up or putting on a red dress? What is

What is stronger than power of humans?

We can as much admire ourselves, aggrandize ourselves, take ourselves for the pink of the perfection of nature. Yet, this very n nature in its spontaneous manifests puts us back

Far away is so near

Dreams about far away lands and appetite for travelling are in our nature from the very birth and stay in our hearts for the whole life. People have inner desire

Not only young is pretty

Do you think that all that’s pretty is young? No way, and here’s the proof. Wrinkles and grey hair, spotted skin and tired eyes of these characters inspired talented painters

9 Amazing Horses in Snow

Horses are special, everyone can feel it. They attract us not less than burning fire, we believe in their miracle, in their eagerness for freedom and for the insane rush

Where is this land of beauty?

Where the nature beats totally all civilization, where intuition and senses dominate reason and conventions, where your thoughts are as free an sea birds, there lay thees severe and enchanting