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Express the main in one emblem

Coats of arms have long been the reflection of pride and honor of families and organization. No wonder they inspire artists of these days, and new fantasy works appear in

What pictures of Buddha drew inspired artists?

A prince i blood and a prince in spirit, this great character is still of big importance to the humanity. And his portraits serve as endorsement of  his statements, calling

Archery, the forgotten and noble martial art

Lars Andersen has been not only practicing, but studying archery for ten years, making researches in numerous manuscripts and making conclusions, that were neglected so long. That is why he

Food and wire give… a new story!

A creative mind will find its way in every situation, with every material, with any audience. Such a simple thing as food can be unexpectedly expressive, and a hungry eater

Fragile and amazing sand architecture

Some people love making sand castles, and few of them are so very passionate, that when they finally stop, a marvelous sculpture stays in front of them. Magicians of sand

Legendary turtle, the one who holds us all

Old-time legend about a turtle holding the Earth is groundless and played-out, and yet, as all the myths, it is beautiful and mysterious. For, probably not that namely, but there’s

When hands start telling stories

This is a branch of body art, a very original and beautiful one. Hands transform into all sorts of magic creatures, they can move, making this art plastic and entrancing

A very beautiful place that is hard to admire

A gifted photographer, Richard Silver, lightened for the audience the prettiness of church ceilings all around the world. They are enormously beautiful and distinguished, they were executed with a lot

Do you want a blue monster to give you a cookie?

Cookie Monster is a character out of order. He is beloved as much as all the cookies he offers and glorifies. And he also gave a kick start to numerous

Art from…sushi!

Yummy things can be also pretty and amazing ones. Have a look at several tasty masterpieces that will attract every single child and  adult! Such sushi will never be left

Just your phone and some tricks for such photos

More and more people have their cameras in pockets, in form of mobile phones. And great shots is a thing of skills, for interesting subjects and objects are all around.

Prepare your Christmas tree in summer

A Christmas tree could be mage of anything, as the following selection of pictures shows. The most important is the idea, for original Christmas symbols are trendy. You can make

Can you do it from lego?

LEGO lovers can be met all over the world. But there are some really passionate persons, who do wonders. They change their homes, they copy works of art in lego

Who is Robin Williams for you?

This was the man who really made our world different. You can not remember him without smile. And of course, he gave a great start to many, and lots of

Disney goes chibi

If Disney princesses were realized by Japanese cartoon artists, they would be … a bit different!  More like Sailor Moon and such. Have fun looking at the DevianArt artists developing

The world that you want to bite

A childhood ream of many was brought into life by an Australian artist Tania Schultz, from Pip & Pop. It was a floor installation, made of the most attractive things

Body art at unexpected places

A new tendency in art is very sweet! Great way to immortalize your pregnancy moment and culmination is a belly art, a very trendy way to celebrate baby shower. Ideas

Doodles came true!

It sounds crazy, but creative hands performed toys by kids drawings, and the result was magic. No toy factory in the world could be so inventive as young minds! Every