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Follow the caravan, that goes on.

Desert sands, inaccessible for any civilization means of transport, has for thousand of years been crossed by camel caravans, with their special rhythm, habbits, customs. They are the magic, fro

Your shoes can find another owner

Watch out where to leave your footwear, for once you can find out, that they are… occupied! Who are those footwear thefts, you can guess from this selection of photos!

Chicks and kittens can be friends!

You won’t believe, but these two species, who are supposed to be predator and prey, can actually become friends and coexist in mere tranquility! Moreover, they can care about each

You won’t believe owls can do that!

This video shows an unbelievable owl, whose facial and feather expressions are bright than at humans, sometimes. It is mere fun, for faces to danger it turns into new creatures,

Swan love of unique beauty

Pretty and royally gracious birds are an image of devoted and true love. The one that will last forever, the one that accepts any age, character, health change. The one

Cat eye is a rainbow!

There is a photographer in Philadelphia, named Andrew Marttila, who loves animals so much that he keeps photographing them with passion and admiration, and that’s why his work is so

A pet that will make your heart melt

This touching video shows how open, tender and curious can be a couple of ducks who live with loving and careful owner for whom they really matter. Sometimes they seem

How would you like living African wild life?

This is an amazing visit to South African animal reservation, where big predators communicate closely with humans, some maintain really friendly relations and feel loved and taken care of. This

Swimming with white and fluffy danger

This animal is considered wilds, unfriendly and dangerous for humans. Its size makes it much stronger, than any of us, and its natural bad temper allows us to observe it

Where stay Santa’s deer all the year round

Deer are so tender and airy-fairy, they are symbols of the forest, of nature and changing seasons with their changing horns. Meeting a deer in wild nature is a rare

Cat-friend and Dog-friend

This is a bright acting of cat and dog pets treating their master. The actors did pretty funny staff, for they came quite close to the reality.

Can animals be friend?

Some moments in animals relations are so touching that you ask yourself if humans are capable of such beautiful doings. What this video shows is a mere kindness, no instinct,

Their faces are happy and disgusted in the same time!

What is your feeling when a dog licks your face? You feel how devoted and friendly the animal is to you. And in the same time… it’s a bit too

How animals carry their treasure?

Animals have mush more developed instincts, and they often have the solution how to do, and it turns out the most suitable one. And they have the answer for a

What happens if you put together a cat and an owl?

This video is irresistible, two cute baby animals take themselves for friends and they seem to match, despite all the natural laws! I wonder, what will make this couple once

Who is the master of the skies?

We are the lords of the sky. You observe us with admiration and fear. You are delighted and marveled wit our flight.  We are the symbols. We are portrayed on

Dolphins look at you

Dolphins seem to be the most intelligent animals, with the brain that is most similar to human. They have curing effect over sick people, especially children, they are tamed via

What animal will give you a ride?

Here are a few images of piggyback riders that are simply unbelievable. Animals can be as lazy as we are. And in their desire not to move they are capable

Look in these eyes and say if you’re affraid

Scientists made a study over the shape of the eye pupil and found out direct connection of its shape to the mode of life of the animal.  Actually, it turned

Nature is all about love

Heart, love symbol, is omnipresent wherever you gaze! On cat’s spots, in the shape of leaves, in birds flock, on a branch covered with snow. Signs are for those who

Magic of cat’s eyes

Famous Shrek cartoon pointed out the phenomena of cat eyes, that is the look impossible to refuse. How can you make one? Well, every cat had mastered this art, but

Luxury dog appartments

Particular dogs have better dwellings than certain people. It’s not because they are special. It is because their owners are.        

Best baby nanny ever

How much will a dog pardon to a baby? Everything, if it’s a husky! In this video, baby plays with the dog in a sort of a toy, and large

Ordinary pictures that touch you deep

Kids and animals. Ordinary photos. They are thousands and more. And yet, they provoke interest. Why? And suddenly it comes to me – for children can be friends. They are