Strollers you never had when children

Strollers you never had when children

Give a dog a good name… Toddler Shumachers master their race cars from early age. Their dads take much pleasure in taking their babes to a joyride!

BMW stroller

BMW made up a really dad-oriented car seat for all the family to feel BMW




Scoda turned out to be very competitive in this rough world of real dad strollers, launching a wonderful item, that will make any dad wish to go for a ride with the small one!




Retro car fans will go crazy about such an object in their collection!





This fifties era race car model will surely find its admirers.


Aluminium, stainless steel and leather hand made hot rod stroller is no common one, it’s for particulars!

Dreaming child on a white background, vector illustration




Can anyone use an ordinary stroller after seeing those images?