Lightnings at short hand

Lightnings at short hand



Primar fire, mysterious flash in the sky, forerunner of thunderstorms, are all determinations of the magic and enchanting natural events, lightnings.

Here’re some interesting facts about them:




In Venezuela, where Catatumbo river runs into Maracaibo lake, at night one can observe almost never ending cascade of lightnings. This phenomena takes place 140 to 160 times a year, and every session lasts for up to 10  hours with 280 lightnings per hour, and making no sound at all.


If a powerful lightning strikes into a surface, it can leave its trace – an empty glass tube, named fulgurite. It is formed from sand melted under current. These fulgurites can appear in the groung at several meters depth, though they are very fragile and hard to excavate.



Temperature inside lightning can come up to 30 000K, that is five times more than the Sun surface temperature (in makes 6 000K).


Roy Sullivan, an American, who worked as a ranger in the National Park of Virginia, survived 7 direct lightning strikes, and got the name of “Human Lightning Conductor”.  It is the world record for now.


A hit of lightning is not always harmful for a human. In 1782 a paralized Englishman got a lightning strike, and regained the ability to move. In 1980 a hit of lightning has partially returned eyesight and hearing to Edwin Robinson, an American, who had been deaf and blind for nine years for that moment.


In 1998  in Democratic Republic of the Congo, at football match, a lightning stoke the field. All the 11 players of the guest team were dead, 30 more people from the audience got burnings, but all the aborigine team players stayed safe and sound.



The speed of the lightning can reach 60 000 km per hour.


Japanese farmers who grow up mushrooms, found out that they grow faster in places where the lightning hit, and sometimes more than twice. There’s no clear scientific explanation to this phenomena.


On the Earth surface there are always more than two thousand lightnings at any time.


One strike of lightning is so powerful, that it could give evergy to a 100wt bulb for 90 days.




A lightning is a source of powerful X-Ray, twice as strong as one’s chest X-Ray.



Lightnings happen the most often where the concentration of smokes and oil-refining industry emissions are the highest.


Lightnings are proper not only for teh Earth, but also for other Solar system planets, such as Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn.


A chance to get hit by a lightning makes 1 to  1 000 000.