If you were born elswhere

If you were born elswhere

Let’s have a quick look into the classrooms all over the world and share this universal eagerness for learning and development, whatever the conditions and obstacles are.  This set of images is a great illustration of how similar we are despite all the differences. For in every distant corner of the world children want to learn, it’s our instinct and our pleasure, our natural need of progress that pushes us to pass the uneasy years of school bench.




FOR THE MILLION PROJECT. DO NOT PUBLISH ONLINE BEFORE MIDNIGHT MARCH 28, 2015. (Left to right) Mary Mang Hau Cing, Burma, Rosangela Sosa, of Cuba, Lluvia Torres, of Mexico, Oluwatomi Ekibolaji, of Nigeria, Duretti Ahmed, of Ethiopia, and Ngalula Mbaya, of Congo, eat lunch together everyday and have become friends at Lee High School on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015, in Houston. ( Mayra Beltran / © Houston Chronicle )









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Ms. Noluvuyo Xuba teaches the 1st Grade at Putuma JSS Monday, August 5, 2013. PHOTO: EVA-LOTTA JANSSON