Legendary turtle, the one who holds us all

Old-time legend about a turtle holding the Earth is groundless and played-out, and yet, as all the myths, it is beautiful and mysterious. For, probably not that namely, but there’s

Kids toys, that adult men like as much

When dads join kids games, they can easily forget they are not kids age! This mindlessness gave way to a real battle, with all sorts of toys and a bit

Can you make your feet smile?

Sometimes, such a simple element of clothes can turn your day to a good side, show everyone that you are positive, and even be reason for good new acquaintance. Everyone

The land of castles and mountains, where fairy tales begin

Picturesque and rocky, covered with green moss, hiding inaccessible castles and twisting mountain ways, Scotland is a place for soul and eyes. You will not care about the weather or

Swimming with white and fluffy danger

This animal is considered wilds, unfriendly and dangerous for humans. Its size makes it much stronger, than any of us, and its natural bad temper allows us to observe it

Where is the source of life?

Life has always concentrated where water source was powerful and clean. Water has always been the biggest treasure of humans, for it is absolutely necessary and irreplaceable. That is why

When Car giants have an add fight

Car giants, BMW and Audi, are engaged into an animated add war, that starts back in 2003. First gage was made by BMW to Mercedes, showing hungry cheetah  BMW X5

What jewels were worth the kings?

Crowns, that were made for kings, were mage with special care and talent, they keep up through history, they are an evidence of wealth of the kingdom and the king

Where lead the most famous stairs of the world?

Staircases are the curved and pretty ways to unknown, they serve for a foretaste of event, of a meeting, of an architectural or panoramic discovery. They attract and enchant. And

Let’s fly up into orbit and see our Earth

A satellite circulating on the orbit provided us with a great, dynamic and spectacular video of our planet from the upper levels of the atmosphere. Lightnings sparkle, a part of

What is a smile that you can not resist?

Children have a special gift to persuade us with their open smile. This means works especially effectively, when they are babies. And the less tooth there are in the mouth,

Why do they all look up at the sky?

In cities people often forget to raise their eyes to the sky and simply admire their beauty. Yet, there is an event that we can not miss, that we always

When she occupies leading position, what changes in her?

When women occupy a leading position, they become a different person. You can easily recognize such a lady in the crowd. She has a different look, her movement have no

Breakfast is yummy when it’s funny!

Visualization of food makes it twice as desirable, everyone knows that. Look at tasty and creative conceptions of pancakes, that  will make the day of people who stay with you

What are the true names of Nemo cartoon fish?

Finding Nemo is a great cartoon, showing realistic movements of true existing fish. It’s exciting plot turns kids attention to sea life, uncovering for them its beauty and wonders. And

When hands start telling stories

This is a branch of body art, a very original and beautiful one. Hands transform into all sorts of magic creatures, they can move, making this art plastic and entrancing

The highest, the hottest, the richest

This city appeared from the sandy desert in record-breaking times, and became one of the most contemporary megalopolises of glass and steel. There, the majority of local population is wealthy,

What are the most beautiful clocks?

Measuring time was a very important aspect of human life, clock are often put on the most beautiful buildings of cities, chronometers were considered objects of luxury, they have always

Where stay Santa’s deer all the year round

Deer are so tender and airy-fairy, they are symbols of the forest, of nature and changing seasons with their changing horns. Meeting a deer in wild nature is a rare

To fish a lot, stay properly!

Fishing is an exciting sport activity, that also brings health, not harm. It unites people with nature, gives you time to concentrate, or to communicate in relaxed way, if you

Why so many people are in love with ballet?

Ballet is a kind of magic, everyone who tries it feels inner beauty and becomes more beautiful physically. Exercises, that were worked out in centuries, serve for elongating body and

Cat-friend and Dog-friend

This is a bright acting of cat and dog pets treating their master. The actors did pretty funny staff, for they came quite close to the reality.

Can animals be friend?

Some moments in animals relations are so touching that you ask yourself if humans are capable of such beautiful doings. What this video shows is a mere kindness, no instinct,

How hard it is to bring up a son?

There’s no such an important person for a boy, than his father. The person who is his future prototype, the one whose behavior he will take, the habits that will