Top 10 Best-Paid Athletes 2016

Meet today best-paid athletes with their secrets to success, their private life moments, their achievement record and their nice families. They are the greatest from the greatest and they make

Top Selebrities Pets

Let’s talk today something cudly and fluffy, with loving eyes and adorable paws! Pets, of course! They fill our life with absolute love, and make it extraordinary and full of

Top passenger ships of 21 century

Big ships make you dream big. Big voyages, big distances, big changes and big chances. Many people consider cruise tourism one of the best types of vacation destinations. It combines

Top 5 Photography Hard

Today we are going to highlight some outstanding photographers of our days. Great photos do not appear from nowhere. Our admiration glance of a few seconds is indeed a result

Why shouldn’t guys try some Irish dances?

There’s a gand of funny guys who are curious about everything and try to test and taste it. All sorts of activities get under their attention, and this time they

Jump to a gulf, taste your courage level

Hawaii is a fun place, on of the reasons is that you can jump from cliffs, showing unusual skills or just getting your bit of adrenaline! Lots of people share

You won’t believe owls can do that!

This video shows an unbelievable owl, whose facial and feather expressions are bright than at humans, sometimes. It is mere fun, for faces to danger it turns into new creatures,

Parking of a boat as an art

Can you park? Can you park your car as a master? See a virtuoso park an enormous long boat into the port as narrow as you wouldn’t believe it! A

Want some chemistry? Take Coca-cola!

A creative team will show you how to transform a bottle of well-known beverage into scientific research and make a lot of fun with friends! The experiments are easy to

Archery, the forgotten and noble martial art

Lars Andersen has been not only practicing, but studying archery for ten years, making researches in numerous manuscripts and making conclusions, that were neglected so long. That is why he

Babies and ice-cream is an explosive mix!

Ice is something kids can make everything for. Yummy pleasure attracts them so much that they become too natural and … funny! And it is so baby-style to fall asleep

Food and wire give… a new story!

A creative mind will find its way in every situation, with every material, with any audience. Such a simple thing as food can be unexpectedly expressive, and a hungry eater

A pet that will make your heart melt

This touching video shows how open, tender and curious can be a couple of ducks who live with loving and careful owner for whom they really matter. Sometimes they seem

How would you like living African wild life?

This is an amazing visit to South African animal reservation, where big predators communicate closely with humans, some maintain really friendly relations and feel loved and taken care of. This

Swimming with white and fluffy danger

This animal is considered wilds, unfriendly and dangerous for humans. Its size makes it much stronger, than any of us, and its natural bad temper allows us to observe it

When hands start telling stories

This is a branch of body art, a very original and beautiful one. Hands transform into all sorts of magic creatures, they can move, making this art plastic and entrancing

Cat-friend and Dog-friend

This is a bright acting of cat and dog pets treating their master. The actors did pretty funny staff, for they came quite close to the reality.

Can animals be friend?

Some moments in animals relations are so touching that you ask yourself if humans are capable of such beautiful doings. What this video shows is a mere kindness, no instinct,

Stroller for Batman

When father is a Batman fan, the kid will help him follow his dreams! Super-fan Builds team has created this stroller for a really devoted dad. The team pretends to

Toys for severe guys look like this

In the streets, among common people there is a team  of guys who really differ. Their bikes are like their wings – they give those guys total freedom in space.

What do they feel in storm on their sailboat?

There severe people keep calm in the middle of heavy wind and weltering waves. They are sure about what they do, their sailboat obeys them as a little puppy and

What happens if you put together a cat and an owl?

This video is irresistible, two cute baby animals take themselves for friends and they seem to match, despite all the natural laws! I wonder, what will make this couple once

Police chases bikes, incredible drifting!

Just incredible video where police chases two insane bikers doing all possible tricks on their bikes at enormous speed.  

What if you were on a ship in storm?

  Big waters posses enormous power. It is so strong, that even on the biggest ships your heart beats faster, and you strive for survival.  This video shows incomparable pictures