Top passenger ships of 21 century

Big ships make you dream big. Big voyages, big distances, big changes and big chances. Many people consider cruise tourism one of the best types of vacation destinations. It combines

The land of castles and mountains, where fairy tales begin

Picturesque and rocky, covered with green moss, hiding inaccessible castles and twisting mountain ways, Scotland is a place for soul and eyes. You will not care about the weather or

Where lead the most famous stairs of the world?

Staircases are the curved and pretty ways to unknown, they serve for a foretaste of event, of a meeting, of an architectural or panoramic discovery. They attract and enchant. And

The highest, the hottest, the richest

This city appeared from the sandy desert in record-breaking times, and became one of the most contemporary megalopolises of glass and steel. There, the majority of local population is wealthy,

What if you were on a ship in storm?

  Big waters posses enormous power. It is so strong, that even on the biggest ships your heart beats faster, and you strive for survival.  This video shows incomparable pictures

Photos from the space

Scott Kelly, an astronaut who is currently on the orbit in the international space station, is sharing pictures of our wonderful planet, viewed from up there. The photos are so

Come and leave your heart here

Havana, you are a pearl in the necklace of our planet. A beauty in shabby dress, you have known luxury a poverty. For many you have become the love from

What castle will be good for you?

Middle ages are sometimes called dark ages. Yet, Middle ages could be called as well the times of romantic. Princes and princesses, knights and their ladyloves. They were filled with 

Look at our world from the outside

Matthias Muller, a visual effects master, comes p with the model of our Universe. It turns heads round, it impresses deeply, it ensorcells and you can watch it with the

I bet you didn’t know this side of Havana!

  Havana is the city where time has stopped. If you want to get back in history, you have to get there. Take no jewells, no high heels, only your

Water giants that can smash

Tremendous ships make you feel tiny and weak, helpless and insignificant. They enhance and strike with the dimensions of man made water crafts, of human dare.  They are hard to

If you were born elswhere

Let’s have a quick look into the classrooms all over the world and share this universal eagerness for learning and development, whatever the conditions and obstacles are.  This set of

What is stronger than power of humans?

We can as much admire ourselves, aggrandize ourselves, take ourselves for the pink of the perfection of nature. Yet, this very n nature in its spontaneous manifests puts us back

Load stone hotel

On our planet. there are some places that are like load stones, for they strongly attract people from all over the world. One of those places is National Hotel in

Far away is so near

Dreams about far away lands and appetite for travelling are in our nature from the very birth and stay in our hearts for the whole life. People have inner desire

Lightnings at short hand

    Primar fire, mysterious flash in the sky, forerunner of thunderstorms, are all determinations of the magic and enchanting natural events, lightnings. Here’re some interesting facts about them:  

So often inside, yet look at it from the outside

Welcome to Tokyo, to its magnifiscent Hanedo airport. This place is a kind of ant hill, where life and movement never stop.  This video is about watching the airport life

Magic rescue from all troubles

Her majesty Nature. It inspires and cures. It gives joy and makes you think. It nurtures you and  brings you delight. It will console you in need and share your

Are you really brave? Can you do that?

What is the thing that you will never do in your life? Not for love or money? Well, these guys are likely to find such a thing and simply fulfill

Where is this land of beauty?

Where the nature beats totally all civilization, where intuition and senses dominate reason and conventions, where your thoughts are as free an sea birds, there lay thees severe and enchanting