Top 10 Best-Paid Athletes 2016

Meet today best-paid athletes with their secrets to success, their private life moments, their achievement record and their nice families. They are the greatest from the greatest and they make

Sky under the feet

Puddles are the mirrors of the sky. They shine like happy eyes watching attractive images, unable to look aside from eternal and permanently changing beauty of the heaven. They seem

Comics diary, XXI century innovation

Sarah Andersen, a 23-years old illustrator, is also publishing her diary in a form of comics strip. It is so sincere and fun, that lots of people have become her

Their faces are happy and disgusted in the same time!

What is your feeling when a dog licks your face? You feel how devoted and friendly the animal is to you. And in the same time… it’s a bit too

Who is Robin Williams for you?

This was the man who really made our world different. You can not remember him without smile. And of course, he gave a great start to many, and lots of

Dolphins look at you

Dolphins seem to be the most intelligent animals, with the brain that is most similar to human. They have curing effect over sick people, especially children, they are tamed via

How to make money when you are 14?

There’s a 14-years old teen in Melbourne who wakes up at down to make business before school. This teen, Morgan Hipworth, worked out his own more natural and tasty recipe

Disney goes chibi

If Disney princesses were realized by Japanese cartoon artists, they would be … a bit different!  More like Sailor Moon and such. Have fun looking at the DevianArt artists developing

Baskets in the sky

Hot air balloons are a great entertainment and a marvelous adventure. They take you up to the infinity, fulfilling human ancient dream, to fly.  They all are pretty, though imagination

Drops of life

Nature gives us life via water. All plants are getting it via dew, the morning pearls in the grass and raindrops over flowers. These images make feeling of a clean

When a woman drives better

This fun video was made by Speed Dating team, and it will make you a woman at the steering wheel. She appoints dates to several men, of different kind, and

Fulfill the picture

Palmer Freeman, the inventor of virtual reality helmet, was pre-published for the cover of the magazine in an unusual position. The audience was proposed to accomplish the image according to

What can a 2-years old teach us?

This little girl shows up a clear talent, but what’s more, she has enormous support and understanding from older people, so that young lady is pretty sure she acts right.

What animal will give you a ride?

Here are a few images of piggyback riders that are simply unbelievable. Animals can be as lazy as we are. And in their desire not to move they are capable

Make a transformation over you

When a person follows his dream, and turns passion into profession, he is doomed to success. Christopher Agostino fell in love with face and body painting, and he stays in

1949 Bras

60 years ago, such a ridiculous piece of cloth appeared to provide women with perfect suntan. The bras fixed gently on the breast, giving no restriction to movement. The invention

Can cat be friend of a horse?

Imagine, yes! They turn out to be old friends, a they feel great in each other’s company! They play, horses give cats a ride and accept their presence willingly. Moreover,

I wish I had that

If I had these, my life would be twice as easy! Every time you drop some food over a keyboard or get wet under the rain, despite of having your

The world that you want to bite

A childhood ream of many was brought into life by an Australian artist Tania Schultz, from Pip & Pop. It was a floor installation, made of the most attractive things

Look in these eyes and say if you’re affraid

Scientists made a study over the shape of the eye pupil and found out direct connection of its shape to the mode of life of the animal.  Actually, it turned

Sounds from the fingers

At Guitar Wars competition in 2012, a man named Jimbo was one of thee finalists.  He proposed to the audience his unusual 14-string guitar and demonstrated the way to make

What castle will be good for you?

Middle ages are sometimes called dark ages. Yet, Middle ages could be called as well the times of romantic. Princes and princesses, knights and their ladyloves. They were filled with 

Nature is all about love

Heart, love symbol, is omnipresent wherever you gaze! On cat’s spots, in the shape of leaves, in birds flock, on a branch covered with snow. Signs are for those who

Look at our world from the outside

Matthias Muller, a visual effects master, comes p with the model of our Universe. It turns heads round, it impresses deeply, it ensorcells and you can watch it with the