Sky under the feet

Puddles are the mirrors of the sky. They shine like happy eyes watching attractive images, unable to look aside from eternal and permanently changing beauty of the heaven. They seem

Let’s climb trees!

Tree branches is something about primary natural roots, they take away our worries, they invite us to touch, they are a welcome part of interior. For we desire to be

Enchanted places in nature where love emerges

There are some places that simply amaze us with beauty and make us unexpectedly happy, putting us into state of love. Towards people around, towards nature, towards light wind breath

A mindblowing flower!

These flowers are like bright lights in grass, they seem to warm as as mush as first sun rays, and give the feeling of childhood. For once you blow their

Time, when you want to be outside

Sometimes they are so beautiful, that they seem unreal. Sunsets have attracted humankind from the time we remember ourselves. They are an absolute beauty, a rest for eyes and  a

True magic world, that is too small to admire it

Invention of the microscope let us look into a totally new kingdom, where we would never penetrate otherwise. It is amazing, unexpected, not as we suppose it to be, and

Where is the source of life?

Life has always concentrated where water source was powerful and clean. Water has always been the biggest treasure of humans, for it is absolutely necessary and irreplaceable. That is why

Let’s fly up into orbit and see our Earth

A satellite circulating on the orbit provided us with a great, dynamic and spectacular video of our planet from the upper levels of the atmosphere. Lightnings sparkle, a part of

Why do they all look up at the sky?

In cities people often forget to raise their eyes to the sky and simply admire their beauty. Yet, there is an event that we can not miss, that we always

Don’t get into their nets!

People take their skills from nature, and knitting is not exception. The most apt and skillful tissue producers, and the oldest ones are… spiders! Admire their marvelous creations in every

Dolphins look at you

Dolphins seem to be the most intelligent animals, with the brain that is most similar to human. They have curing effect over sick people, especially children, they are tamed via

What if you were on a ship in storm?

  Big waters posses enormous power. It is so strong, that even on the biggest ships your heart beats faster, and you strive for survival.  This video shows incomparable pictures

Drops of life

Nature gives us life via water. All plants are getting it via dew, the morning pearls in the grass and raindrops over flowers. These images make feeling of a clean

What animal will give you a ride?

Here are a few images of piggyback riders that are simply unbelievable. Animals can be as lazy as we are. And in their desire not to move they are capable

Photos from the space

Scott Kelly, an astronaut who is currently on the orbit in the international space station, is sharing pictures of our wonderful planet, viewed from up there. The photos are so

Can cat be friend of a horse?

Imagine, yes! They turn out to be old friends, a they feel great in each other’s company! They play, horses give cats a ride and accept their presence willingly. Moreover,

Come and leave your heart here

Havana, you are a pearl in the necklace of our planet. A beauty in shabby dress, you have known luxury a poverty. For many you have become the love from

Look in these eyes and say if you’re affraid

Scientists made a study over the shape of the eye pupil and found out direct connection of its shape to the mode of life of the animal.  Actually, it turned

Nature is all about love

Heart, love symbol, is omnipresent wherever you gaze! On cat’s spots, in the shape of leaves, in birds flock, on a branch covered with snow. Signs are for those who

Look at our world from the outside

Matthias Muller, a visual effects master, comes p with the model of our Universe. It turns heads round, it impresses deeply, it ensorcells and you can watch it with the

Flying flowers story

Beautiful flowers grew in an old garden. Year after year they blossomed, filling the outskirts with their fragrance. And only one sad thing turned their lives blue. No body saw

Magic of cat’s eyes

Famous Shrek cartoon pointed out the phenomena of cat eyes, that is the look impossible to refuse. How can you make one? Well, every cat had mastered this art, but

What is stronger than power of humans?

We can as much admire ourselves, aggrandize ourselves, take ourselves for the pink of the perfection of nature. Yet, this very n nature in its spontaneous manifests puts us back

Far away is so near

Dreams about far away lands and appetite for travelling are in our nature from the very birth and stay in our hearts for the whole life. People have inner desire