Top Selebrities Pets

Let’s talk today something cudly and fluffy, with loving eyes and adorable paws! Pets, of course! They fill our life with absolute love, and make it extraordinary and full of

Photos that charge you with love

People in love become different. They sparkle and shine, they are charged with energy, with attention to everyone around. They blossom with smile. And they are capable only for good

What is a smile that you can not resist?

Children have a special gift to persuade us with their open smile. This means works especially effectively, when they are babies. And the less tooth there are in the mouth,

Breakfast is yummy when it’s funny!

Visualization of food makes it twice as desirable, everyone knows that. Look at tasty and creative conceptions of pancakes, that  will make the day of people who stay with you

How hard it is to bring up a son?

There’s no such an important person for a boy, than his father. The person who is his future prototype, the one whose behavior he will take, the habits that will

Stroller for Batman

When father is a Batman fan, the kid will help him follow his dreams! Super-fan Builds team has created this stroller for a really devoted dad. The team pretends to

How to make money when you are 14?

There’s a 14-years old teen in Melbourne who wakes up at down to make business before school. This teen, Morgan Hipworth, worked out his own more natural and tasty recipe

What can a 2-years old teach us?

This little girl shows up a clear talent, but what’s more, she has enormous support and understanding from older people, so that young lady is pretty sure she acts right.

I wish I had that

If I had these, my life would be twice as easy! Every time you drop some food over a keyboard or get wet under the rain, despite of having your

First lemon faces

First lemon is not less important in person’s life than the first cake. It is a sort of initiation, showing future adults, that life is not always a lollypop. And

Body art at unexpected places

A new tendency in art is very sweet! Great way to immortalize your pregnancy moment and culmination is a belly art, a very trendy way to celebrate baby shower. Ideas

Disney tales today

A talented group of actors performed well-known episodes from good old Disney cartoons and they got fresh and captivating for the audience once again. Will you recognize your childhood heroes?

Winner formula for Tic Tac Toe

If you ever have trouble to become an absolute champion in Tic Tac Toe, here’s a detailed scheme for you to understand the whole process and every possible outcome. Luckily

Magic of cat’s eyes

Famous Shrek cartoon pointed out the phenomena of cat eyes, that is the look impossible to refuse. How can you make one? Well, every cat had mastered this art, but

Doodles came true!

It sounds crazy, but creative hands performed toys by kids drawings, and the result was magic. No toy factory in the world could be so inventive as young minds! Every

A miracle made of… banana!

Every dish is twice as yummy if you do it with love! And you double its efficiency once again if you put some creativity into it. A kid will never

Luxury dog appartments

Particular dogs have better dwellings than certain people. It’s not because they are special. It is because their owners are.        

Hello Kitty is not a cat?

This video news uncovers a horrid mystery about omniloved cartoon character, denying its cat nature to the mere shock of children and adults. Hello kitty is a fashion and passion

Wedding photos 40 years later

Dexter and Carolyn Johnson are a wonderful example of happy family life, but not only life is their merit, but also their idea unexpectedly became very popular. Once they decided

Best baby nanny ever

How much will a dog pardon to a baby? Everything, if it’s a husky! In this video, baby plays with the dog in a sort of a toy, and large

You will never see such a dog

A dog master knows how often this devoted animal makes you laugh. It also favors plenty of art, and here are few joyful images that in some way give the

Ordinary pictures that touch you deep

Kids and animals. Ordinary photos. They are thousands and more. And yet, they provoke interest. Why? And suddenly it comes to me – for children can be friends. They are

Strollers you never had when children

Give a dog a good name… Toddler Shumachers master their race cars from early age. Their dads take much pleasure in taking their babes to a joyride! BMW made up

9 cakes that you will refuse to share with friends

What are cakes made of? Well, every housewife knows it’s made of flour, eggs, sugar, etc… However, creative minds go far beyond and make it from…  Towels, clothes, kitchen utensils,