Top passenger ships of 21 century

Big ships make you dream big. Big voyages, big distances, big changes and big chances. Many people consider cruise tourism one of the best types of vacation destinations. It combines

Jump to a gulf, taste your courage level

Hawaii is a fun place, on of the reasons is that you can jump from cliffs, showing unusual skills or just getting your bit of adrenaline! Lots of people share

Parking of a boat as an art

Can you park? Can you park your car as a master? See a virtuoso park an enormous long boat into the port as narrow as you wouldn’t believe it! A

What would be your face, if you left a barbell?

Weightlifters make great job, working their body out for years, without betraying their affair. And once they perform, they should look as good as models at a fashion show. Though

Archery, the forgotten and noble martial art

Lars Andersen has been not only practicing, but studying archery for ten years, making researches in numerous manuscripts and making conclusions, that were neglected so long. That is why he

What helps you hold tight at the place that you like?

What’s more difficult to stop than a huge ship, sailing in open waters? And the thing that does it is really great. Its shape, dimensions and hardness were worked out

What do they feel in storm on their sailboat?

There severe people keep calm in the middle of heavy wind and weltering waves. They are sure about what they do, their sailboat obeys them as a little puppy and

What if you were on a ship in storm?

  Big waters posses enormous power. It is so strong, that even on the biggest ships your heart beats faster, and you strive for survival.  This video shows incomparable pictures

Baskets in the sky

Hot air balloons are a great entertainment and a marvelous adventure. They take you up to the infinity, fulfilling human ancient dream, to fly.  They all are pretty, though imagination

When a woman drives better

This fun video was made by Speed Dating team, and it will make you a woman at the steering wheel. She appoints dates to several men, of different kind, and

Selfy of the city

Well-known cities, trampled by crowds of tourists, have got a new photo session, this time from the high above.  This is the way birds see them, and thanks to the

Fulfill the picture

Palmer Freeman, the inventor of virtual reality helmet, was pre-published for the cover of the magazine in an unusual position. The audience was proposed to accomplish the image according to

What animal will give you a ride?

Here are a few images of piggyback riders that are simply unbelievable. Animals can be as lazy as we are. And in their desire not to move they are capable

A car for a real driver

Tires melt, flames come out of the tailpipe, handbrake is skidding the car – here are a few of this rush intensity video moments from the desperados of Red Bull

Water giants that can smash

Tremendous ships make you feel tiny and weak, helpless and insignificant. They enhance and strike with the dimensions of man made water crafts, of human dare.  They are hard to

What is stronger than power of humans?

We can as much admire ourselves, aggrandize ourselves, take ourselves for the pink of the perfection of nature. Yet, this very n nature in its spontaneous manifests puts us back

Lightnings at short hand

    Primar fire, mysterious flash in the sky, forerunner of thunderstorms, are all determinations of the magic and enchanting natural events, lightnings. Here’re some interesting facts about them:  

How to survive under Ram attack

Corrida can be a part of actual events, and humans can find themselves in the victim position quite easily. if dealing with… rams! These fluffy clouds can be quite aggressive

Strollers you never had when children

Give a dog a good name… Toddler Shumachers master their race cars from early age. Their dads take much pleasure in taking their babes to a joyride! BMW made up

Are you really brave? Can you do that?

What is the thing that you will never do in your life? Not for love or money? Well, these guys are likely to find such a thing and simply fulfill