Top 10 Best-Paid Athletes 2016

Meet today best-paid athletes with their secrets to success, their private life moments, their achievement record and their nice families. They are the greatest from the greatest and they make

Top Selebrities Pets

Let’s talk today something cudly and fluffy, with loving eyes and adorable paws! Pets, of course! They fill our life with absolute love, and make it extraordinary and full of

Top passenger ships of 21 century

Big ships make you dream big. Big voyages, big distances, big changes and big chances. Many people consider cruise tourism one of the best types of vacation destinations. It combines

Top 5 Photography Hard

Today we are going to highlight some outstanding photographers of our days. Great photos do not appear from nowhere. Our admiration glance of a few seconds is indeed a result

Why shouldn’t guys try some Irish dances?

There’s a gand of funny guys who are curious about everything and try to test and taste it. All sorts of activities get under their attention, and this time they

Cartoon characters for those who refuse real life

Some people enjoy watching cartoons in their free times, no matter what’s their age. Anime fans go further and make their portraits in anime style to transform rel life into

Luxury on-board life, as a sea king would live

Who said that sailing is made only for tough and severe, viking-like men, ready to meat death any time of day and night? Today’s yachts offer an unbelievable range of

A secret and well-known step to be irresistible

Dance is a well-known means of seduction, that seems less important in modern world of business and hi-tech. And yet, the one who dances gives way to the nature, to

Want some chemistry? Take Coca-cola!

A creative team will show you how to transform a bottle of well-known beverage into scientific research and make a lot of fun with friends! The experiments are easy to

Photos with the scent of coffee

Morning starts wonderfully, when you take time for a single cup of strong coffee, and take its bracing up aroma with you for all the day to come.  These images

When the swing is free, you will not miss it!

A kid or a grown up, you love balancing on swing, for it is a special state of body in space, something like gravity free. It is also a special

Kids toys, that adult men like as much

When dads join kids games, they can easily forget they are not kids age! This mindlessness gave way to a real battle, with all sorts of toys and a bit

When hands start telling stories

This is a branch of body art, a very original and beautiful one. Hands transform into all sorts of magic creatures, they can move, making this art plastic and entrancing

To fish a lot, stay properly!

Fishing is an exciting sport activity, that also brings health, not harm. It unites people with nature, gives you time to concentrate, or to communicate in relaxed way, if you

Do you want a blue monster to give you a cookie?

Cookie Monster is a character out of order. He is beloved as much as all the cookies he offers and glorifies. And he also gave a kick start to numerous

What is the house you dream about from childhood?

There’s a special place where you enjoy being alone, along with your unique dreams and troubles. This happy escape is to be shared only with closest friends. What would be

Where got the audacious photographer to impress you?

What is the high point where you start to beware of the altitude? How high can you climb? Or does a huge space under your legs give you enormous pleasure

How should a man look to make women fall in love

When looking at them you will not stay indifferent. Rush towards battles, rough beauty of scarfs, blood on the blade. This eager desire to fight with them shoulder to shoulder

Can you do it from lego?

LEGO lovers can be met all over the world. But there are some really passionate persons, who do wonders. They change their homes, they copy works of art in lego

Dolphins look at you

Dolphins seem to be the most intelligent animals, with the brain that is most similar to human. They have curing effect over sick people, especially children, they are tamed via

Disney goes chibi

If Disney princesses were realized by Japanese cartoon artists, they would be … a bit different!  More like Sailor Moon and such. Have fun looking at the DevianArt artists developing

Baskets in the sky

Hot air balloons are a great entertainment and a marvelous adventure. They take you up to the infinity, fulfilling human ancient dream, to fly.  They all are pretty, though imagination

When a woman drives better

This fun video was made by Speed Dating team, and it will make you a woman at the steering wheel. She appoints dates to several men, of different kind, and

Selfy of the city

Well-known cities, trampled by crowds of tourists, have got a new photo session, this time from the high above.  This is the way birds see them, and thanks to the