Express the main in one emblem

Coats of arms have long been the reflection of pride and honor of families and organization. No wonder they inspire artists of these days, and new fantasy works appear in

Photos that reflect emotions

A gifted Polish photographer with her special vision of this world turns in front of our eyes decrepit ruins into an admirable photo. You feel the spirit of abandoned places,

Severe romance of dock workers

Severe men, with rusty iron muscles, that make the docks function. They are like metal parts of clock mechanism, unlikely to betray. There’s no friendship more reliable, there’s no team

What pictures of Buddha drew inspired artists?

A prince i blood and a prince in spirit, this great character is still of big importance to the humanity. And his portraits serve as endorsement of  his statements, calling

Letters from the past will tell about the future

Ancient Egyptians left us a lot of mysteries, and their messages from the past have still not been totally decoded. In those distant times, inscriptions were much more similar to

A photographer who is the master

Eugenio Recuenco, a Madrid photographer, seems to take photography art to a quite different level – the one it has never been to. His photos take are posed, and they

Let’s board with greatest pirates!

Wolves of the sea, they feel  on board more confidently, than on still ground. One eye, peg leg, parrot on shoulder, that’s their severe handsomeness. They know no mercy, and

A burning bird that will never die

Very old legends keep telling us about a special bird with magic capacities – a legendary phoenix. It is all in fire, it is always on the good side, and

Fragile and amazing sand architecture

Some people love making sand castles, and few of them are so very passionate, that when they finally stop, a marvelous sculpture stays in front of them. Magicians of sand

Legendary turtle, the one who holds us all

Old-time legend about a turtle holding the Earth is groundless and played-out, and yet, as all the myths, it is beautiful and mysterious. For, probably not that namely, but there’s

What jewels were worth the kings?

Crowns, that were made for kings, were mage with special care and talent, they keep up through history, they are an evidence of wealth of the kingdom and the king

When she occupies leading position, what changes in her?

When women occupy a leading position, they become a different person. You can easily recognize such a lady in the crowd. She has a different look, her movement have no

What are the true names of Nemo cartoon fish?

Finding Nemo is a great cartoon, showing realistic movements of true existing fish. It’s exciting plot turns kids attention to sea life, uncovering for them its beauty and wonders. And

Why so many people are in love with ballet?

Ballet is a kind of magic, everyone who tries it feels inner beauty and becomes more beautiful physically. Exercises, that were worked out in centuries, serve for elongating body and

Men look so natural doing this.

Wnen men begin upon sewing, they get involved and attracted by this process, and it often becomes their hobby. In times of practical arts, it was one of crafts told

What stories can your hands tell?

This shadow theater video will prove you there’s nothing you can’t tell with your hands, no story or fairy tale!  It is as captivating, as a real cartoon, and the

If women were musical instruments

What are the successful photos of women with musical instruments? Guitar shape was inspired by female curves, and it’s no wonder that women look great on photos with guitars. This

Follow this way to your endless inelligence

On huge endless shelves stay rays of the books, on different subjects and for various tastes. When you go along, sliding with your  look over the backs of the books,

Just your phone and some tricks for such photos

More and more people have their cameras in pockets, in form of mobile phones. And great shots is a thing of skills, for interesting subjects and objects are all around.

Prepare your Christmas tree in summer

A Christmas tree could be mage of anything, as the following selection of pictures shows. The most important is the idea, for original Christmas symbols are trendy. You can make

Who is Robin Williams for you?

This was the man who really made our world different. You can not remember him without smile. And of course, he gave a great start to many, and lots of

Dolphins look at you

Dolphins seem to be the most intelligent animals, with the brain that is most similar to human. They have curing effect over sick people, especially children, they are tamed via

How to make money when you are 14?

There’s a 14-years old teen in Melbourne who wakes up at down to make business before school. This teen, Morgan Hipworth, worked out his own more natural and tasty recipe

What if you were on a ship in storm?

  Big waters posses enormous power. It is so strong, that even on the biggest ships your heart beats faster, and you strive for survival.  This video shows incomparable pictures