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Top 5 Photography Hard

Today we are going to highlight some outstanding photographers of our days. Great photos do not appear from nowhere. Our admiration glance of a few seconds is indeed a result

When Car giants have an add fight

Car giants, BMW and Audi, are engaged into an animated add war, that starts back in 2003. First gage was made by BMW to Mercedes, showing hungry cheetah  BMW X5

Toys for severe guys look like this

In the streets, among common people there is a team  of guys who really differ. Their bikes are like their wings – they give those guys total freedom in space.

Old cars that are old friends

Here’s a riddle for you. Guess what is the country and well-known city for the retro cars? And , what’s the most interesting, they are all on the move, at

Police chases bikes, incredible drifting!

Just incredible video where police chases two insane bikers doing all possible tricks on their bikes at enormous speed.  

Who was the first?

Who was the first, bikers or motorcycles? They appeared in one time. Both wanted to be particular, look different, and rush over the hills and far away. Though, they began

Old-timers, go!

Old timers, go! Some have hundreds of thousands miles, others kilometers. Hundreds of men and freight. So many adventure and extreme, so much daily useful work. Your headlamps highlighted the

When a woman drives better

This fun video was made by Speed Dating team, and it will make you a woman at the steering wheel. She appoints dates to several men, of different kind, and

A car for a real driver

Tires melt, flames come out of the tailpipe, handbrake is skidding the car – here are a few of this rush intensity video moments from the desperados of Red Bull

Strollers you never had when children

Give a dog a good name… Toddler Shumachers master their race cars from early age. Their dads take much pleasure in taking their babes to a joyride! BMW made up

Be MINI. Feel Freedom. Amazing video with Mini Cooper S.

Tiny but sporty Mini Cooper’S is starring in this retro mode short movie, taking us back to the past where photos were black and white, where lands were evergreen, buildings

Military custom bike will make you feel warrior

Simply peer at this vintage Custom Military Indian Scout. It is powerful, sport, flat green, and it awakes an outburst of emotions. You simply want to own it. This bike