Top 5 Photography Hard

Today we are going to highlight some outstanding photographers of our days. Great photos do not appear from nowhere. Our admiration glance of a few seconds is indeed a result

Depth as instrument in your hands

Depth of field is something that makes a photography enchanting, magic, it targets the view of the spectator on one object, making the rest of the world present, yet not

What mystery is hidden on the bottom of human eye?

Eyes are always a part of human beauty, the mirror of the personality, the most powerful source of our contact with the external world. Every color is beautiful, every shape

A very beautiful place that is hard to admire

A gifted photographer, Richard Silver, lightened for the audience the prettiness of church ceilings all around the world. They are enormously beautiful and distinguished, they were executed with a lot

What is beautiful when it’s spoiled?

Photographers spot beauty in the most unexpected places. In the backyards, in abandoned rooms and garages, beneath old boats, bikes and cars. There, where human work was left without attention

Prettiest from the flowers

Wild flowers are the soul of the planet. They are not tamed for a man’s tastes and purposes. Their survival rate is high, their attraction id rough and insolent. They

Dolphins look at you

Dolphins seem to be the most intelligent animals, with the brain that is most similar to human. They have curing effect over sick people, especially children, they are tamed via

Drops of life

Nature gives us life via water. All plants are getting it via dew, the morning pearls in the grass and raindrops over flowers. These images make feeling of a clean

Selfy of the city

Well-known cities, trampled by crowds of tourists, have got a new photo session, this time from the high above.  This is the way birds see them, and thanks to the

Make a transformation over you

When a person follows his dream, and turns passion into profession, he is doomed to success. Christopher Agostino fell in love with face and body painting, and he stays in

1949 Bras

60 years ago, such a ridiculous piece of cloth appeared to provide women with perfect suntan. The bras fixed gently on the breast, giving no restriction to movement. The invention

Photos from the space

Scott Kelly, an astronaut who is currently on the orbit in the international space station, is sharing pictures of our wonderful planet, viewed from up there. The photos are so

The world that you want to bite

A childhood ream of many was brought into life by an Australian artist Tania Schultz, from Pip & Pop. It was a floor installation, made of the most attractive things

Look in these eyes and say if you’re affraid

Scientists made a study over the shape of the eye pupil and found out direct connection of its shape to the mode of life of the animal.  Actually, it turned

What castle will be good for you?

Middle ages are sometimes called dark ages. Yet, Middle ages could be called as well the times of romantic. Princes and princesses, knights and their ladyloves. They were filled with 

Nature is all about love

Heart, love symbol, is omnipresent wherever you gaze! On cat’s spots, in the shape of leaves, in birds flock, on a branch covered with snow. Signs are for those who

Look at our world from the outside

Matthias Muller, a visual effects master, comes p with the model of our Universe. It turns heads round, it impresses deeply, it ensorcells and you can watch it with the

Flying flowers story

Beautiful flowers grew in an old garden. Year after year they blossomed, filling the outskirts with their fragrance. And only one sad thing turned their lives blue. No body saw

Most advantageous positions for your photo

Here is a bed-side list of positions for posing in front of the camera. If you want your picture to be successful, just try one of those and you will

Body art at unexpected places

A new tendency in art is very sweet! Great way to immortalize your pregnancy moment and culmination is a belly art, a very trendy way to celebrate baby shower. Ideas

Don’t get burn looking here!

What can make a woman burn like fire in the middle of the street, attracting every look, without applying any make up or putting on a red dress? What is

Far away is so near

Dreams about far away lands and appetite for travelling are in our nature from the very birth and stay in our hearts for the whole life. People have inner desire

Simple pictures, huge ideas

Some artists manage to give us an image, that is as consistent, as a whole book, sometimes. Here’s a selection of several examples for your attention: New generation of monkeys

Wedding photos 40 years later

Dexter and Carolyn Johnson are a wonderful example of happy family life, but not only life is their merit, but also their idea unexpectedly became very popular. Once they decided