Winecream — my new favorite dessert for Friday evenings

There’s good news for those who like to enjoy a bowl of yummy ice cream with a glass of fine wine on a hot summer evening. Yes, yes, you read that right — a glass of wine! The Crossroad Company, a family-owned business located in Baltimore, created a wonderful product which combines two delicious things: super premium ice cream and craft-made fruit wine. The company is not actually that big, but it gained its popularity by serving this amazing treat at numerous culinary festivals and events. The owners of the company plan to grow their business and expand into new markets in the near future, making Winecream available to everyone through an online store.

We at WeGoRo are absolutely delighted by the fact that these guys came up with the idea of producing such a delectable alternative to traditional dairy ice cream.

This is what the most delicious and boozy dessert of the company looks like.

This delightful treat is a mixture of not only wine and cream, but also yummy fruits and berries.

It contains as much alcohol as a glass of actual wine.

Crossroad Company uses liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze the mix of wine and cream.

Winecream has so many flavors to enjoy!

The secret weapon of the company is its cheerful and enthusiastic employees...

...who are so passionate about their job.

Based on materials from crossroadco
Preview photo credit ©_winecream