What the Kids of the 15 Most Handsome Men Look Like

Some time ago we looked at the kids of the world’s most charming women and compared to what extent they inherited the genes of beauty.

This time WeGoRo offers to look at the children of the 15 ’hottest’ men reknown all over the world.

Note: we didn’t find the photos of all their kids; nevertheless, at the end, there is a nice bonus waiting for you.

15. Jude Law,

his son Rafferty, age 21,

and his daughter Iris, age 17

14. Pierce Brosnan

and his sons: Dylan, age 20,

and Paris, age 16

13. Gary Oldman

and his son Charlie, age 18

12. Ewan McGregor

and his daughters: Clara, age 21,

and Esther, age 16

11. Alain Delon

and his son Alain-Fabien, age 23

10. Sylvester Stallone

and his daughters: Sophie, age 21,

Sistine, age 19,

and Scarlet, age 15

9. Johnny Depp

and his daughter Lily-Rose, age 18

8. Mel Gibson

and his son Milo, age 27

7. Antonio Banderas

and his daughter Stella, age 21

6. Clint Eastwood

and his son Scott, age 31

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger

and his son Patrick, age 24

4. Eric Roberts

and his daughter Emma, age 26

3. Alec Baldwin

and his daughter Ireland, age 22

2. Jensen Ackles

and his elder daughter Justice Jay, age 4

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

and his first baby Cristiano Ronaldo Junior, age 7

Bonus: the evolution of beauty in the Skarsgård family.

his elder son Alexander, age 41,

and his second son — Bill, age 27

Where do you see the most similarities? Would you recognize whose children are whose without seeing their names and photos? Let us know in the comments!