How Hollywood Stars Might Look If They Could Fix Their Flaws

We tend to see celebrities as perfection incarnate. Unlike ordinary people, film stars and pop idols never suffer from insecurities about their appearance — right?

Wrong! WeGoRo has found examples of Hollywood deities who are genuinely anxious about their perceived physical imperfections. So let’s discover what they would look like if they could rectify those flaws!

Victoria Beckham

They say your smile brings forth the light of your soul. Imagine how frustrated the gorgeous Victoria Beckham must feel about not being able to share her smile with the world. The fact that the former Spice Girl abstains from smiling in public has nothing to do with severity of character. Victoria suffers from the (totally imaginary) ugly smile complex and dreams of altering her facial features.

Zac Efron

This heartthrob thinks he has a disproportionately big head. Would you believe it? Although if you look closely... Hmm, maybe he’s onto something!

Taylor Swift

Some envious online commentators have been criticizing Taylor’s appearance lately, saying she has small eyes. As a result, it seems the beauty is beginning to develop a complex.

Keira Knightley

Here, everything is quite straightforward: the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies wants to be a little chubbier.

Penelope Cruz

It’s not just the public noting the fact that Penelope lacks a sizable butt. The actress herself is painfully aware of the problem.

Jude Law

Certain people accuse this handsome actor of being too schmaltzy. Jude himself thinks that making his face appear a little more brutal would enable him to escape the never-ending succession of romantic roles.

Kristen Stewart

The heroine of the Twilight saga wouldn’t mind making her ears more "inconspicuous." But, as you can see, this complex doesn’t cause her too many nerves.

Natalie Portman

“After publicity shoots, photographers often airbrush out my moles,“ says Natalie. ”This makes me consider them as my biggest imperfection." We, however, believe that the moles actually make the actress’s beauty more radiant and unique.

Will Smith

Will Smith — yet another member of the "My ears look way too protruding!" club.

Linda Evangelista

Throughout her active career, the famous supermodel has always wanted to change the shape of her nose. Fortunately, she never got around to making this dream a reality. Everyone agrees that this perceived imperfection was actually one of the things that helped Linda conquer the international fashion scene.

Josh Hutcherson

The hero of The Hunger Games has spent many years dreaming of one thing only: to become tall. Well, at least to look slightly taller than Jennifer Lawrence when posing for cameras on the red carpet. Then he suddenly came to a realization: things like this don’t matter in the least. Even though you cannot change your height, you can still be whatever you want to be!