This waitress received a generous tip — and something even more valuable

One of the most wonderful things we can ever experience in life is being the recipient of an act of kindness carried out by a stranger. When someone who has no personal connection to you whatsoever is prepared to treat you like a true friend it reminds you that there’s still hope for this world, despite all of its troubles.

The story of Becky Nielsen, who was working as a waitress at ’The Breakfast Spot’ in Cohoes, New York, is one such case. One evening she was surprised, delighted, and also deeply touched, to find that a regular customer had left her a large tip, along with this heart-warming explanatory note:

Quite understandably, Becky said she was almost brought to tears when she read it, and said she intended to use the tip in the same generous spirit in which she had received it, by taking either her boyfriend or her friends out for drinks and a meal.

What makes the story even more touching is the fact that Becky didn’t even get the chance to thank the person who left it for her — a sure sign that it was done completely out of a genuine desire to make her day and expect nothing in return.

We at WeGoRo can’t get enough of little stories like this. It’s good deeds done for the sake of others’ happiness which truly make the world go round.

Based on materials from facebook, news10.com