This six-year-old girl with autism creates the most inspiring works of art

Six-year-old Iris Grace Halmshaw from the UK is a perfect example of what unexpected and valuable gifts can be found in people who see the world in a special way. Iris is an artist, and her paintings are often compared to those by Claude Monet himself — thanks to her exceptional attention to detail and phenomenal sense of color.

Iris’s talent was discovered almost by accident back in 2013: her parents encouraged her to paint as a way of expressing herself. But soon they noticed that not only did their daughter enjoy her artistic pursuits, she also looked like she knew exactly what she was doing, filling the paper with mesmerising patterns.

Not only does Iris have numerous fans across the globe, she has also had her paintings purchased by art collectors. We at WeGoRo invite you to discover the amazing creations of this young artistic soul. We haven’t seen anything quite like this before!

Also helping Iris along the way is her faithful assistant and friend, Thula the Maine Coon cat.

Images credit: irisgracepainting.com