This Ingenious Site Can Seriously Improve the Quality of Your Photographs

Who wouldn’t want to improve the quality of their photographs without any particular effort at all, just like a special agent from a Hollywood blockbuster?

Well, now it’s possible to do precisely this thanks to the 340-line "neural" code written by Austrian programmist Alex J. Champandard.

The intelligent neuronetwork he’s created "works out" the mixing pixels in a low-quality image, raising its resolution on the basis of higher-quality images that already exist.

At present, the ground-breaking technology still can’t reveal the faces of criminals caught by low-quality security cameras. But it can cope extremely well with images of 256×256, 320×200, or 128×128 pixels.

The waifu2x neural network operates according to the same principle. It allows you to remove defects from compressed JPEG images that are more than 3000×3000 bytes.

Preview photo credit tjournal
Based on materials from tjournal