These incredibly talented architects proved that gardens can be created even on rooftops

Nowadays, many large industrial cities around the world suffer from a deficit of park land and green space, or from their unequal distribution. However, skilled architects often find solutions to this problem by creating urban rooftop gardens. These can make even the most polluted and gray city look absolutely verdant and beautiful.

WeGoRo selected the most remarkable ’’living’’ rooftop designs that are out there. They all enable the residents of these cities to escape from the noise, crowds and pollution and thereby improve their quality of life. Hats off to those who made them!

Moomin (Valley) House in Japan

This fabulous fairy-tale house with a green roof is situated in a park not far from the noisy metropolis of Tokyo. Both children and adults would definitely enjoy living in this magical house and experiencing the spirit of the Moomin stories!

International hall in Japan

ACROS prefectural international hall in Fukuoka is a green oasis in the center of the city. Around 35,000 plants representing 76 species grow along the structure’s 15 stepped terraces, making it resemble a green mountain and delighting both the residents and visitors of the city.

Hotel in Israel

This building in Eliat is decorated with round trees, making it look both exotic and very cheerful. In addition to the admiring glances of passers-by, it gives an excellent opportunity to visitors of the hotel to keep away from the scorching sun.

A green-roofed store in Toronto

The entire building was built using green technologies, but just look at the roof — it’s absolutely breathtaking. You can well imagine being really inspired by this eco-friendly environment right in the centre of a busy city. We’d certainly enjoy strolling along by the flower beds whilst admiring the modern buildings and skyscrapers.

Hotel in Austria

The Rogner Bad Blumau Spa designed by the Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser is a real masterpiece of modern art. The colorful facades, round windows, trees, shrubs and the grass sprouting from its green-roofed surface make the building really quite unusual and impressive.

A truly amazing house in China

The grass pattern design on the roof of this Chinese house is so well disguised that you can hardly differentiate it from the greenery of the surrounding area.

Garage in Canada

Do you have a small garden and don’t know where else to grow your favorite flowers? Well, the owner of this garage sure found away over this hurdle. For the roof of the garage is obviously the most suitable place for it. Your mom will definitely like the idea!

University campus

Nanyang Technology University Campus is the largest and definitely the most beautiful university in Singapore. Two curving green roofs that create an open space above the building serve as a place for students to chillax and enjoy their studies.

Chicago City Hall

The roof of Chicago city hall is not normally accessible to the public without a special tour. However, it can be seen from 33 taller buildings in the area. By the way, beekeepers harvest approximately 200 pounds of honey each year from hives installed on the rooftop.

Cozy houses in Faroe Islands

Until the second half of the 20th century, roofs made from earth were the most common type of roof for the rural log houses in Scandinavian countries. Guess what the main challenge for the people living in such northern territories was. Exactly — it’s cold! The green roofs served an excellent natural insulator, protecting people from excessive cold and heavy rains.

Swedish restaurant in USA

The owners of this Swedish restaurant in USA went even further than anyone else in our list, creating their own unique trademark for their business — goats grazing on the roof!

Based on materials from Wikipedia,  Preview Photo Credit: , yui.kubo, Andras_Csontos, Shutterstock.com