The world isn’t moved by three elephants, it’s moved by kindness

In a world where there are so many wars, disasters, and politics, there’s still a place for kindness. And as long as that’s true, our planet will remain the most beautiful place in the Universe.

We at WeGoRo are pretty sure that there’s much more good than evil. Kindness is everywhere. We collected a few examples from around the world where people aren’t afraid to sacrifice themselves, look ridiculous, or violate professional rules for the sake of others.

An autistic boy got more birthday cards than the Queen

Ollie Jones, suffering from autism, made himself two birthday cards because he didn’t expect to get any from other people. It touched his mother so much that she asked Facebook users to send birthday cards to her son. People responded, and the boy received more than 20,000 cards with wishes from all over the world.

A man buys coffee to thank doctors

This man’s name is Dan. On Wednesdays and Thursdays he buys coffee for the staff of a cancer center where his father was treated.

These police officers took a blind boy on patrol

Gage Hancock-Stevens has always wanted to be a policeman, but unfortunately he’s completely blind. These police officers decided to surprise him, and they took him on patrol with them.

This girl gives free rainbows to everyone

This little girl opened her very own shop. At first sight it may seem quite an ordinary one, and there’s only one item available. It’s a rainbow, and it’s given for free to anyone who wants it.

This boy saved a baby deer in Bangladesh

This boy’s name is Belal, and he’s a true hero. When a baby deer began to sink during the flood, Belal rushed to help without hesitation. The boy risked his life as the water level was very high, and his head was under the water almost all the time. There is a happy ending: the fawn was returned to his mother, and Belal became a local hero.

A restaurant worker sheltered a man from the rain

This elderly man was heading to his car. A restaurant worker noticed him getting wet in the rain and wanted to protect the man under an umbrella. However, there wasn’t an ordinary umbrella at hand, so he had to take a huge one from a table. Maybe that’s even better!

These policemen prepared a dinner for some children whose mother was taken to the hospital

A mother of five children was taken to the hospital with high blood sugar levels. The police officers who arrived on the scene with the ambulance didn’t abandon her children: they made them dinner and even washed the dishes.

A man buys turtles at the market and brings them back to the sea

This boy found turtles in a storm drain and didn’t leave them until they were rescued

This four-year-old boy noticed three turtles in a storm drain. Together with his parents, he called the emergency services. The child refused to leave until the turtles were saved. Everything ended well: the turtles were pulled out and taken to the nearest veterinary clinic. After a short time, they were released into the wild.

A woman replaced a baby koala’s mom

This baby was found not far from the Australian city of Brisbane. At this age, young koalas are extremely sensitive to separation from their mother, and they can get really depressed. But Julie Zyzniewski nursed the baby to health, replacing his mother. The baby koala has already grown older and now explores his savior’s office.

Bikers supported a teenager with Down’s syndrome

This boy’s name is Sean Maehrer, and he suffers from Down’s syndrome. The boy’s parents were worried that their son would be bullied at school, so the day before the first day of school they addressed Facebook users for help. And people responded — a few dozen bikers at once! On September 1st, the motorcyclists rode up to Sean’s house, congratulated him on his first day of school, and presented him with a helmet made especially for him. With such support, nobody will laugh at this boy.

Just a hamster in a cast

In a veterinary center in Petrozavodsk, Dr. Maria Firsova put a cast on a limping hamster.

A Polish athlete sold his medal to save a child’s life

Piotr Malachowski, a silver medalist in the discus throw at the Olympics in Rio, auctioned off his medal to help three-year-old Olek. The little boy was suffering from retinoblastoma — a malignant tumor of the retina. The medal was bought by Polish billionaires Sebastian and Dominika Kulczyk for $126,000.

An elderly couple won $11 million in a lottery and gave the entire prize to people in need

Canadians Violet and Allen Large won more than $11 million in the lottery. The couple decided not to keep the money for themselves, and they donated it to those in need: hospitals (including an oncology department where Violet received chemotherapy), fire departments, the Red Cross, and the Salvation Army. The Larges also gave money to the research of Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes.

Preview photo credit Petrozavodsk veterinary center