The Utterly Unique Appearance of These Twins Has Stunned the Internet

Things don’t have to be colorful to be memorable. This has been proved once again by a pair of charming albino twins who, as it turns out, are likely to turn the world of fashion on its head in the near future.

WeGoRo offers you the chance to learn about Lara and Mara Bawar. The girls are the focus of a photo project called Rare Flowers, in which photographer Vinicius Terranova revealed the full beauty of these unique siblings.

The chances of a child being born with albinism are 1 in 17,000. So it’s almost impossible to imagine how small the likelihood is that someone will give birth to albino twins.

With their captivating appearance, it’s no surprise to learn that these 11-year-old girls from an ordinary Brazilian family have caught the interest of famous photographers.

The twins have already managed to become models for various brands and fashion magazines.

Lara and Mara also have another sister, Sheila, who doesn’t have albinism.

Sheila looks almost exactly like her twin sisters, except for the color of her skin. The effect is one of staring into a photographic "negative" of Lara and Mara.

"These girls express in their own unique way just how diverse, majestic, and perfect beauty can be," says Vinicius. It’s hard to disagree with him!

Photographer: Vinicius Terranova

Stylist: Suyane Ynaya

Preview photo credit Vinicius Terranova