Take me to Australia

Australia has become a dream destination for a lot of travelers. And even tales of dangerous animals and freakishly big insects don’t seem to scare away those wishing to visit the ’land down under.’ One thing’s for sure: anyone who’s headed to this bizarre yet magical place has to be ready for the scorching sunshine, long, confusing routes, and, of course, fantastical beasts, of which there are plenty.

Those travellers who demonstrate fortitude and hard-bitten character Australia rewards with the amazing diversity of its nature and its sights. The chiselled silhouette of the Great Barrier Reef, ancient monoliths, a scenic coastline, waves that are just perfect for surfing, and cute koalas for those staying ashore — we could go on. Oh, and don’t forget the magnificent beaches and the weather, which is pleasantly warm all year-round! We don’t know about you, but we at WeGoRo are definitely starting to save money for a big tour of Oz.

Hanging Rock in Victoria, Australia


The pink Lake Hillier

The railway tunnel in Helensburgh, closed permanently in 1915


A surfer and a dolphin

Bioluminescent plankton wash up on a beach in Jervis Bay

The Great Ocean Road

It wouldn’t be Australia without the kangaroos!

Mount Uluru and Australia’s most common sign

Wave rock in Perth city

Bungee jumping

Whitehaven beach

Baross Valley at sunset

An early bird

A scenic railway in Kuranda

Byron Bay lighthouse

Princes Highway

A local girl

Hey, stranger, come visit me in Australia!