Quiz: Guess Who Is a Real Billionaire and Who Just Wants to Look Like a Billionaire

Appearances are deceitful. Gloss and expensive clothes are not always a sign of wealth. Just think about Steve Jobs.

WeGoRo presents you with an opportunity to check whether you can see the truth in things: can you guess who is the real billionaire? You can see the answers at the bottom of the article.










The answers


Variant A: Marissa Meyer used to be the top manager of Google and Yahoo. After the Yahoo acquisition deal, her share was $168 million.

Variant B: Chiara Nasti is a fashion blogger from Italy. She has 1,500 followers on Instagram.


Variant A: Patrick Janelle is a graphic designer with a perfect sense of style. He became popular because of his Instagram blog. Now he also owns a designer store

Variant B: John Collisson is a founder of Stripe, a company that specializes in electronic payments. This young American entrepreneur earned $1.1 billion.


Variant A: Dustin Moscowitz is one of the co-founders of Facebook. He was on the Forbes list several times. His assets are estimated at $3.8 billion.

Variant B: Adam Gallagher started his blogging career at 17. Today he has more than 2 million followers. He travels a lot and dresses with style.


Variant A: Sean O’Pry is one of the most high-priced male models in the world. He starred in the music videos of Madonna (“Girl Gone Wild“) and Taylor Swift (”Blank Space").

Variant B: Bobby Murphy is the founder of Snapchat. In 2015, Forbes estimated his assets at $9.9 billion. Murphy is 1,250th on the list of the richest people on the planet.


Variant A: David James Gandy is a model, journalist, and benefactor. He was the face of Dolce & Gabbana for a long time. Today he launches his own fashion projects.

Variant B: Karl-Johan Persson is not only the CEO of H&M but also the grandson of its founder, Erling Persson. Carl’s assets are estimated at $2.1 billion.


Variant A: Jack Dorsey is the founder of Twitter. In 2015, Forbes listed his assets at an estimated $2.1 billion.

Variant B: Johannes Huebl is a successful model and travel blogger. He is also married to the famous model Olivia Palermo.


Variant A: Katharina Andersen is the heiress of the owner of Ferd AS company. In 2016, she was 2nd on the list of the world’s youngest billionaires. Her younger sister, Alexandra, took first place. The girls have approximately $1.15 billion each.

Variant B: Chriselle Lim is a fashion blogger and YouTube celebrity.


Variant A: Gabriel Macht is an American actor. He played Harvey Specter in the Suits series.

Variant B: Travis Kalanick is a co-founder of Uber. In 2014, he entered the Forbes "Top 400 Richest Americans" with estimated assets of $6 billion.


Variant A: Evan Spiegel is one of the co-founders of Snapchat messenger. His share in the business is estimated at $2 billion.

Variant B: We don’t know who this is. It’s just a random guy from a stock photo.

Preview photo credit @marissamayer, @ChiaraNastiOfficial