Paul Walker’s Daughter: All Grown Up and a True Beauty

Paul Walker, star of The Fast and the Furious, adored his daughter, Meadow. He simply doted on her and even had a tattoo of her name.

Sadly, Paul died in a car accident when Meadow was only 15, and he never got the chance to see her grow up and become a beautiful woman.

The staff of WeGoRo is delighted to present you with an article that proves beyond doubt that Paul’s darling girl is getting smarter and more beautiful by the year!

Meadow Walker was born in 1998. Her name is familiar to fans of The Fast and the Furious franchise since Paul used to mention his daughter in almost every interview.

Although the girl’s mother, Rebecca Soteros, did not live with Paul Walker, she completely trusted him in matters concerning their daughter’s upbringing. The actor called Meadow his best friend and tried to spend all his free time with her.

Meadow recently celebrated her 18th birthday. Judging by the social networks photos, the girl has transformed from a cute little angel into a full-blown beauty.

Meadow already has her own fan following who take a great interest in the girl’s life and are always eager to tell the world about her latest achievements.

Meadow’s attractive face and slender figure often gain the attention of photographers who are happy to invite her to take part in their photo sessions.

Despite the fact that Meadow is still sad about the loss of her father, she gradually learns to enjoy herself by traveling a lot and leading an active lifestyle.

Meadow doesn’t allow anyone to spread gossip about herself and maintains a worthy public appearance — something that undoubtedly pleases fans of her late father.

Preview photo credit meadow_walker / instagram
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