Our Favorite Actors From "Taxi" — Where Are They Now?

It’s been 10 years already since the last Taxi movie was released. And it’s hard to believe that the first film of this famous epic was made back in the last century.

We at WeGoRo offer you a chance to take a nostalgic journey and see how the actors of this iconic comedy have changed over the years. Just don’t forget to put your seat belts on!

Samy Nacеri (Daniel), 37/55 years old

Taxi -1—4

After the last episode of Taxi had been released, the name of Samy Naceri was more often mentioned in criminal news than among films’ end credits. He was accused of hooliganism several times and was even facing criminal proceedings. However, in 2016 the actor starred in his own video clip called Second Chance that was viewed nearly 2 million times. Moreover, Naceri’s charming character Daniel will most likely appear in the upcoming Taxi-5 movie as well.

Frédéric Diefenthal (Émilien), 29/48 years old

Taxi — 1–4

After the release of Taxi-4, Frédéric seemed to disappear from most viewers’ radars. His only work worth mentioning is the biographical film Chateaubriand (2010) where he starred in the role of the famous French thinker. Today, Diefenthal does commercials on television and occasionally appears in French movies and TV shows. However, despite this career change, the actor never seems to lose his charm.

Marion Cotillard (Lilly, Daniel’s girlfriend), 22/41 years old

Taxi — 1–4

In 1998, Marion appeared in the action-comedy Taxi, which earned her a César Award for Most Promising Actress — and it was only the beginning. Ten years later, her collection of awards — among which are an Academy Award, César, BAFTA Award, and Golden Globe — grew so large that it took up most of her house. Well, just check out how many films starring Marion Cotillard are shown in cinemas today.

Emma Sjöberg-Wiklund (Petra, Émilien’s colleague), 30/48 years old

Taxi — 1–4

Although Emma Wiklund’s big screen career was limited to just a couple of films, she managed to become a real TV star in her native Sweden. She is a model, TV host, successful businesswoman, and mother of four children. You can’t ask for more than that when you’re 50 years old, can you? Just look how beautiful this Swede is for her age. It seems she knows the secret to eternal youth.

Bernard Farcy (Commissioner Gibert), 49/67 years old

Taxi — 1–4

Konichiwa, banzai, cobra, ninja! Don’t tell me you didn’t repeat these words after Commissioner Gibert. The last Taxi movie starring Bernard Farcy was released back in 2007, but the character of the funny and daft police chief follows the actor even today. Surprisingly, 10 years ago his performance in the 2006 film De Gaulle was recognized by critics as one of the most convincing embodiments of Charles de Gaulle’s character of modern times. Now the actor is preparing for a series of musical performances based on the popular film The Chorus.

Édouard Montoute (Alain, Émilien’s colleague), 28/46 years old

Taxi — 1–4

Édouard Montoute is not only famous for his role of charismatic Commissioner Alain in the Taxi franchise. In 2002, he appeared as one of the main antagonists in one of the best movies about Asterix & Obelix (Mission Cleopatra). Today Montoute can be seen in various French TV shows, and it seems he hasn’t changed a bit.

Jean-Christophe Bouvet (General Bertino, Lily’s father), 53/69 years old

Taxi — 1–4

Jean-Christophe Bouvet was so brilliant in his role as the short general and conservative Lily’s father that no one would allow him to play anybody else. Today the actor is cast for various French movies and occasionally appears in TV commercials dressed as his famous Taxi hero.

Bai Ling (Qiu, main antagonist), 37/50 years old


Bai Ling as Qiu became the most striking negative character of all the Taxi films. Since the release of Taxi-3, she has repeatedly played the role of fatal and dangerous women in various Hollywood films. However, her performance in one of the franchise’s movies was, perhaps, the most impressive.

Sylvester Stallone (undercover agent), 57/70 years old

Taxi-3 (episode)

A legend in the world of cinema made a brief appearance in the movie in the role of an undercover agent. The episode in which Sylvester sits in the backseat of Daniel’s car was very memorable. Stallone got just 9 minutes of screen time, and he wasn’t even mentioned in the film’s end credits. However, this didn’t prevent viewers from remembering his brief yet bright performance in Taxi-3. Perhaps this is what cinema magic is all about.

Luc Besson (producer and screenwriter), 39/57 years old

Taxi — 1–4

It was thanks to Luc Besson’s genius and creativity that the Taxi franchise appeared on the big screen. After this successful producer and screenwriter had directed his iconic action comedy, he pleased his fans with a few dozen more films and his own book. Moreover, his career plans for 2017 include making the most expensive French movie in history (Valerian and the City of Thousands of Planets).

Peugeot 406

Taxi — 1–3

After a very successful debut, it seemed that the Peugeot 406 would remain an idol for young people for many years to come. However, in 2004, this beautiful car was replaced by the Peugeot 407 (the car that Daniel drives in the final part of the story). Surprisingly, even this model was soon removed from production. The next version of Peugeot vehicles, the 508 model, is said to be more successful than its predecessors. However, we still don’t know for sure which car will be chosen for the Taxi-5 movie that premieres in 2018.

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