I Wore My Husband’s Clothes to Work for 10 Whole Days

It seems that all girls love to wear their boyfriend’s/husband’s clothes around the house. Such things feel cozy and comfortable, and they retain the warmth of the man they belong to.

The staff of WeGoRo decided to conduct a little research and find out whether ladies can wear men’s items outside and look stylish and cool. The experiment was conducted with the help of Rufina, who, for several days, went to work and enjoyed walks dressed in her husband’s clothes.

At first, I felt hesitant about the whole idea. For me, like for many other girls, to wear men’s clothing was an unspoken taboo. But I also felt curious to know about the perks of donning such decidedly unfeminine items.

Luckily, I quickly managed to get my bearings and find winning solutions thanks to my stylist friend, Elmira. We opened the wardrobe and pulled out all my husband’s clothes. And then we began to create, combine, mix, and try stuff on.

Day one

When Elmira first invited me to choose these military-style pants, I waved my arms in protest. I thought they’d make me look like some kind of rapper.

But, as it turns out, even though the pants are obviously a few sizes too big, you can easily fix them at the waist with the help of a belt. And they looked really stylish, especially in combination with high heels and a figure-enhancing T-shirt. We completed the image with a cap. I felt I was getting everyone’s attention, and I liked it.

Day two

Did you know that sweatshirts go perfectly well not only with pants but also with skirts? I didn’t. Be that as it may, I had a few doubts about donning a man’s sweatshirt. Basically, they’re no different from women’s ones. If you’re in the men’s department and happen to like such an item, go ahead and buy it without a second thought!

I also put on heavy lace-up boots. This only emphasized my tenderness and femininity. As for the hat — it added a hint of playfulness.

Day three

In my husband’s wardrobe was a denim shirt that he stopped wearing long ago. I risked donning it with a marsala-colored pencil skirt. Surprisingly, the result turned out to be pretty hot. In my opinion, this look is suitable for any occasion.

At work, a colleague asked me where I bought the shirt. When I told her it was my husband’s, she didn’t believe me!

Day four

After a hard day at the office, my workmates and I decided to spend the evening together. I decided to put on something cool and versatile. Elmira promptly dug up an interesting khaki-colored shirt and advised me to tie it in a knot at the waist. Along with aviator glasses and tight pants, the image became complete. I felt truly attractive.

It’s tough to find a good shirt in the women’s department. You mainly come across models with flounces or flowers. So for this particular article of clothing, head straight to menswear!

Day five

Trench coats are another type of clothing that can be worn by both men and women. My husband’s arms are much longer than mine, but that’s no big deal. I just rolled up the sleeves and headed out to conquer the world in excellent spirits. Menswear, the things you do to me!

Day six

Today I decided to let my hair down in terms of clothing and overall vibrancy. To my surprise, Elmira offered me a striped vest, pointing out that it’s not just something associated with sailors but also a symbol of French chic. Such vests look good on anyone and can visually freshen your face, thanks to the contrasting stripes.

Note that striped vests go especially well with blue or red items.

Day seven

Your husband’s sweaters, hats, and scarves are at the top of the list of things you can wear without any reservations!

Never mind if the sweater is a bit oversized — this will only add trendiness. And, by the way, for some reason, men’s sweaters always feel more warm and comfortable. In other words, they’re a perfect choice for fall weather!

Day eight

No important meetings at work today, so Elmira and I decided to go for the relaxed and cozy image again. For this, we used a men’s cashmere sweater and men’s jeans. These clothes are so delightfully roomy — they don’t feel tight anywhere!

Day nine

Jackets are one of the most versatile types of clothing. According to Elmira, they’re great for any occasion and go well with almost anything. For example, combined with pumps, boyfriend jeans, and — of all things — a clutch bag, a jacket ensures an elegant and relaxed appearance.

I wore such a combination to my friend’s birthday party, and no one even suspected that the jacket I was sporting was, in fact, my husband’s.

Day ten

On the last day of the experiment, my eyes fell on my husband’s pristine white shirt. It looked way too big for me, but we managed to turn this drawback into an advantage by rolling up its sleeves and tucking it into a pencil skirt. To me, the end result looked both daring and elegant — the perfect choice for any working woman!

As an afterthought, we chose a large men’s watch. It added fragility to the overall image.

Well, my challenge is now complete, and here’s what I can say as a conclusion: all the men’s clothes I wore turned out to be extremely comfortable and functional! They didn’t ride up or anything!

I think that we need to discard our prejudices along the lines of "I’m a girl, so menswear will make me look ugly!" Our femininity is not something superficial, so it won’t disappear if you decide to wear your husband’s things. If you ask me, such items actually underline our tenderness.

Feel free to make occasional raids on your significant other’s wardrobe! You should also visit the men’s department more often (never mind the sales assistants’ advice!). From now on, that’s what I’ll be doing for sure!

Stylist: Elmira Latypova for BrightSide.me