How to Escape From Zip Ties in 3 Seconds

How to Escape From Zip Ties in 3 Seconds

Former CIA officer Jason Hanson has seen a lot during his work. Having left the CIA, he wrote a book where he tells about dangers awaiting us, exposes the tricks of frauds, and teaches us to be ready for any surprises.

WeGoRo decided to master some special agent techniques and tell you how to free your hands from zip ties in seconds.

Learn the weaknesses

The main things you should know in order to escape from zip ties (often used to bind hands) are their weaknesses.

The first is the fixed size of the loop, which won’t get smaller while you’re trying to break free. And this means you can slip out of it, but you need your hands tied crossed together and only in front of you.

The second is fragility under severe loads. Hence, when your hands are tied, your main task is to provide a strong load. On the agent’s advice, this is the weakness you should use.

Let’s get to work

In order to break zip ties, you need to perform 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Take the starting position. Put your arms in front of you as far as you can, and hold your forearms as tightly as possible. This creates the necessary pressure.

Step 2: Move the lock. A small lock holds the tie. You need to turn it so the lock is between your hands as close as possible to the middle.

Step 3: Break it. Raise your hands above your head, and, with a sharp movement, pull them down and to the sides — the lock will break.

You can hit a zip tie over any object (table, corner, or even a knee). Don’t worry if it doesn’t work on the first try. The main thing here is to ensure the maximum sharp load on one area.

As experts say, despite the complexity of the process, even a child can master this method. This technique also works with hands bound together with duct tape. If your hands are tied behind your back, this will make the process a little more difficult, but you can also escape from this position.

And, yes, we usually don’t say such things, but we hope you’ll never need this.

Based on materials from Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life