Here’s Why the Queen Always Carries Her Purse

Here’s Why the Queen Always Carries Her Purse

Have you ever wondered why Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II always wears her purse in public? Today WeGoRo will uncover the truth behind this little royal mystery.

Sally Bedell Smith, a royal biographer, says that in her handbag the Queen always carries a mirror, a lipstick, a pen, several mints, and her reading glasses. On Sundays, she also takes a couple of neatly folded bills for church donations.

However, mostly Her Majesty uses this accessory as a kind of an indicator: with its help, she lets the staff know that she would like to leave a social event. For example:

  • If, while talking to someone, the Queen shifts her purse from one hand to the other, then the courtiers take it she is ready to finish this particular discussion. You, however, wouldn’t even notice this gesture because everything is so subtle. For example, someone would approach you and say, “Sir, the Archbishop of Canterbury would be pleased to talk with you.“
  • If the Queen puts her purse on the dinner table, she wants the current event to be over within the next 5 minutes.
  • By putting her purse on the floor, Her Majesty shows she finds no pleasure in the conversation she’s having and would like a lady-in-waiting to give her a hand.
  • The most dramatic gesture, though, is twisting her ring. That means the Queen needs to be ”rescued" immediately.

Let’s hope that, if you ever get so lucky as to talk to Her Royal Majesty, the Queen of England, you won’t see any of the above signals, and she’ll find your company agreeable.

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