Challenge: Can You Spot All the Differences in the 11 Frames?

When watching your favorite TV show, each scene becomes like an old acquaintance whom you know very well and you’re no longer surprised by anything. But what if we check your attention by changing the small details? Guess what’s wrong with these pictures.

To tell the truth, we at WeGoRo still cannot find all the differences.

11. The Big Bang Theory. Find 3 differences.

10. Game of Thrones. Find 2 differences.

9. Friends. Find 3 differences.

8. Breaking Bad. Find 3 differences.

7. Twin Peaks. Find 3 differences.

6. Sherlock. Find 3 differences.

5. The X-Files. Find 2 differences.

4. Sex and the City. Find 5 differences.

3. Doctor Who. Find 3 differences.

2. Lost. Find 2 differences.

1. Vikings. Find 3 differences.

How many differences did you manage to spot? Please share your results in the comments!

Preview photo credit hbo