Fantastic Beasts: This Sailor From Russia Shares Pictures of Strange Catches Netted by His Fishing Vessel

Roman Fedortsov is a sailor from Murmansk who works on a fishing trawler. In his spare time, he keeps a very unusual Twitter feed.

The photos Roman uploads sure had us at WeGoRo staring with our mouths open. Take a look for yourself. We have no doubt — you haven’t seen anything like it before!

Just a sunfish...and a sailor. Photo taken in Morocco.

And here’s a live starfish. Beautiful color! Photo taken in the Barents Sea.

A real beauty, isn’t it?! This Chimaera fish ended up in our net today! Photo taken in the Barents Sea.

A couple of sea suns for your delight! Caught them today. Photo taken in the Barents Sea.

Hello, everyone! We’re continuing trawling. And here’s yet another inhabitant of the deep! Photo taken in the Barents Sea.

One of the most ancient breeds of fish in existence: a frilled shark. Just look at those teeth!

Once more on the subject of macrouruses. Their scales feel like emery cloth! Photo taken in the Barents Sea.

A snack for your Saturday beer, anyone? We used to net lots of these guys on our last sail, along with the bass. Photo taken in the Greenland Sea.

Say hello to Fistularia, or Cornetfish.

The crew is still arguing about who this is!

A small transparent thing...with horns. Who are you?!

Reminds me of Rod Stewart, for some reason ;-)

This is one scared fish. Photo taken in the Irminger Sea.

A small hammerhead shark.

We’ve netted this small sea goby today. Photo taken in the Barents Sea.

Meet a charming Chimaera fish!

Another unforgettable visitor from beneath the waves!

Based on materials from rfedortsov / twitter