Everything you need to know about Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is often considered to be one of the greatest living actresses. She has 19 acting nominations in the last 37 years — more than any other actor or actress in the history of the Oscars.

She is always elegant and very authentic, and no matter who she portrays on the screen — an arrogant fashion magazine editor in ’Devil wears Prada’ or the powerful Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in ’The Iron Lady,’ she does it the most perfect way possible.

’Anyone who wants to achieve something, needs a lot of work.’

’Listening is everything. Listening is the whole deal. That’s what I think. And I mean that in terms of before you work, after you work, in between work, with your children, with your husband, with your friends, with your mother, with your father. It’s everything. And it’s where you learn everything.’

’Everything that truly makes us happy is quite simple — love, sex and food!’

’The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy.’

’I’ve just never been comfortable in the Hollywood world. I don’t like parties and glamour. In my DNA, it’s not me. I enjoy my family, my dogs, and hiking in mountains.’

’I didn’t have any confidence in my beauty when I was young. I felt like a character actress, and I still do.’

’I have a lot to say about the world, clearly. I can’t put together a clear sentence about it all, but through the work I can say what I think.’

’My family really does come first. It always did and always will.’

’I want to feel my life while I’m in it.’

’All that attention to the perfect lighting, the perfect this, the perfect that, I find terribly annoying.’

’You can’t be afraid when you do your work because it doesn’t work that way.’

’You can’t get spoiled if you do your own ironing.’

’Everything we say signifies; everything counts that we put out into the world. It impacts kids, it impacts on the zeitgeist of the time.’

’When I have a really bad problem, I take my canoe out and float in the middle of the lake. Kurt Vonnegut says the wrinkles are smoothed out of the brain at the edge of a body of water.’

’I couldn’t care less about fashion. If I had taken any clothes home, they would have remained in my closet for the rest of their existence.’

’Personality is immediately apparent from birth, and I don’t think it really changes.’

’If you have a brain, you are obliged to use it.’