Can You Guess What the People in These Children’s Drawings Are Doing?

All kids love drawing, and not only on paper — they make their masterpieces on walls, curtains, and on their parents’ paperwork. Little artists usually draw their family, friends, and themselves doing everyday activities.

We at WeGoRo are interested to see if you can guess exactly what the people in these kids’ drawings are doing.

A girl is eating a deodorant stick while hiding behind her mom’s bed.

An evil dentist is fixing someone’s teeth.

A boy is laying his little brother down to sleep.

A glassblower is making a glass sculpture.

Mom is yodeling on a mountain peak, while Dad is climbing up to her.

People are getting married. To put it more exactly, the boy has drawn his own future wedding.

The aunt is giving her niece a haircut.

A girl is feeding a dog.

Children are learning how to dance.

A boy is scared of a talking banana.

Dad is repairing a bench.

A girl is feeding a squirrel.

A girl is taking unpleasant but necessary pills.

A girl is helping her mother wash the dishes.

There’s nothing really unusual in this picture. The mom here is selling shovels for clearing snow. As there is a heavy snowfall at the moment, all the shovels have sold out, and people are almost fighting to buy the last one.